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Do you like chocolate pizza?

Asked by vaibhav (45points) January 1st, 2014

This Christmas i sent chocolate pizza gift to my friends in Christmas . Its some thing new gift ideas for my friends. my friends love this chocolate pizza.

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I have not tasted it yet, would love too. It would be excellent with a cup of coffee. All your chocoholic friends would have had a unique cheese free treat for Christmas!

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Can someone explain to me what a “chocolate pizza” is?

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That isn’t pizza, call it something else!

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(It’s a giant cookie; sweet dough rolled flat and filled with nutella and choc. chips.)

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I would love to try. Haven’t tasted it yet.

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It sounds sweeter than something that I would like.

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Blech! I’ve never tried it, but that sounds too rich. I’d probably only be able to take a bite or two.

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Ack! Chocolate and tomato sauce? Yeeech.

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^^. It’s a giant cookie; Whoever first make it decided to name it cute. No tomato, no cheese, no pepperoni, no mushrooms, not even a yeasty crust.

Look at these

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I wouldn’t want it, but it’s a creative idea. I don’t understand icing on cookies that typically don’t have icing. I don’t like multiple sweet toppings. I’m more of a purest about these sort of things. A cute tin of good old fashioned oatmeal, cc bit, almond, and black and white cookies make me happier. I do love cookies.

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A great combination of my favorite food: pizza and Chocolate.

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