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How can I prepare for the grade 12 English diploma exam (details inside)?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) January 2nd, 2014

I usually get dizzy and anxious and I run out of the exam room and run away into the school hallway, leaving the exam unfinished, and questions skipped. I have an opportunity to write the English 30 (grade 12 ) exam once every four months, for $26.75 . How do I learn to calm down and at least stay in the whole time period and not run out and go home?
I am in Alberta, and I have a 65% in English 30 and I was told that if I can get 5% more (70%) I will get a second chance to go to university. If I can’t get the grades then I can just take educational psychology classes online at Athabasca university.

Edit… I do well in class so It might be in my best interest to retake the whole grade 12 English class in summer school

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No one can “teach” you how to do this. If it’s a matter of sitting for the entire period and taking the test to completion (or completion of the time allotted, at least, whether or not the questions are all answered), then it’s something that you just have to do.

But perhaps you should consider further along these lines: If simply completing the test is beyond your emotional capabilities – for whatever reason, and I’m not judging you for your reasons – then perhaps “college classes” are not going to suit you in any case.

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@CWOTUS The very first time that I could take my diploma exams I faired better because I was surrounded by my friends and teachers that I liked. I did mange to pass my first year of university. Maybe another parallel stream, like baking, or becoming a pasties chef would be better.

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Have you talked to anyone about this? Here you could get things like extra time and taking the test alone if you have a disability.

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@johnpowell Yes. In Jasper I was allowed to take the test in the library on a computer I got a 63% . all I had to do was to keep taking it and I would have gotten 70%. From the multiple choice section.

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A lot of students suffer from test anxiety. A lot. The organization running the test will be making allowances for students with your problem. Ask them what sort of proof of your condition is required, then go get it (i.e., do they need a note from a specific type of doctor? Find out.). They will be able to give you extra time to write the exam, and probably in a room of your own, so that it will be less stressful.

After that, it’s up to you. If you can’t write any exam given extra time and a private space, then perhaps you should consider different options than going back to school. Not everyone has to do that.

Edit: You might also consider talking to someone about getting anti-anxiety medication for the day of the exam.

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This is actually a type of Performance Anxiety. When you’re taking a test, you might feel a stomach ache or headache and sometimes you might feel sweaty or feel your heart beating quickly. You need to talk about this to your parents, teacher, or your school guidance counselor. They can help you figure out some solutions.
Just be well prepared and start your revision in good time.Take notes. Make summaries of notes. Revise what you have learned regularly. Think positively and keep saying in you mind that you are well prepared and you are ready to do your best. Along with good revision make sure you eat and sleep well and take time off to relax. Practicing yoga or meditation will help to overcome anxiety.
Whenever you feel dizzy or anxious when appearing for exam, try to control them by pausing and slowing down your breathing. Breathe in slowly and smoothly and breathe out slowly too. Do it a couple of times slowly and when you feel relaxed attempt to answer the questions. Hope this helps.

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Great answers

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Wondering if a crystal gemstone would be relaxing.

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