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What are some of the best states to live in (weather wise)?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (10534points) January 3rd, 2014

My little family has a chance at a fresh start and we are considering relocating to a new state. We currently live in NY and we aren’t fans of the harsh winters (or the people). Here are some things on our wish list:

-Seasonal changes are great, but not required.
-Ideally we would love temperatures to stay around 70 on average.
-We are not fans of high humidity or extreme heat.
-Rain is fine.
-Occasional snow is okay.
-We absolutely love the outdoors. We would love living in a secluded area surrounded by land rather than a busy, bustling city.

Along with my weather preferences, I would like to stay on the east coast, if possible. Also, living needs to be affordable. Obviously we don’t expect to find a place that has everything on our list so we are willing to bend a bit. Where are some places you have lived, visited, or currently live that you truly love? What are the pros and cons? Would this place fit in to my family’s wish list? Remember, we’re open to any and all suggestions still!

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San Diego or at least southern California

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Hawaii but pick one of the smaller islands. I loved Maui.

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Not Pennsylvania or on the east, weather is terrible an it rains alot

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I lived in Santa Barbara, CA for a year. The weather was so perfect, it was disgusting. After months of oppressive perfection, I would schedule “bad weather” days. These were pretend days of poor weather. I would close the blinds and just pretend it wasn’t obscenely beautiful and perfect outside.

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I like south Florida best, but I like it fairly warm. If you are south of Sarasota on the west coast of FL or south of Vero Beach on the east, you can have sun and beach weather almost all year long. May thru September it is hot. Can be 85–95 during the day and 80–90 at night, but is is never 100 like where you live. But, those summer months don’t get the break at night like you do up north. October thru April it is more or less like springtime in NY with some cold days in January and some very hot summerlike days here and there, but mostly 70–80 during the day and cooler in the evening. I’m in Tampa now, and it is about 10 degrees cooler here in the winter than Boca Raton for instance. Right now it is 48 degrees here and sunny and a small breeze while it is probably 5 degrees where you are. Boca Raton it is 63. In a day or two Tampa will be back in the 70’s and Boca slightly higher. Cost of living might be a little higher deoending what city you choose, although tshirts are way way cheaper than winter coats.

FL is an easy place for your friends and family to visit, they probaly come here anyway.

If you like dryer weather California has more moderate weather and cooler nights, can be very cold much longer than in FL, but still sunshine and warmish weather all year.

If you want the four seasons still you might like NC, a lot of people like Charlotte.

California will be very expensive. NC and FL if you go outside of the bigger cities you can still get land. Southeast FL ir very densely populated, so you may not be happy there, but other parts of FL I think you could be.

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Friends wbo live in Boulder, CO. love it.

Boulder climate

@ItalianPrincess1217: Do you have any professional constraints or are you free to go where you like?

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@gailcalled We are free to go wherever :)

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Do you have any relatives or friends who live in another place that you might be interested in? Sometimes that is an easier move.

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I second San Diego. If my husband’s deteriorating vision didn’t require him to live in a state with simple roads in a home very close to his job, I’d really want to relocate there. I’ve vacationed there a few times but I love it. To be able to lay out and tan by the pool in August without dying of a heat stroke is so different than what happens here in South Carolina. I would NOT suggest the Southeast US if you’re looking for nice weather.

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Have you considered Tennessee? I think some towns in Tennessee might have everything on your wish list.

(The California coast is populated and expensive. Not what the OP is looking for. But it is nice to dream.)

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-Seasonal changes are great, but not required. Rain and August
-Ideally we would love temperatures to stay around 70 on average. LOL
-We are not fans of high humidity or extreme heat. No humidity here
-Rain is fine. in spades
-Occasional snow is okay. one day a year
-We absolutely love the outdoors. We would love living in a secluded area surrounded by land rather than a busy, bustling city. Eugene.. Tons of shit to do if you want. I can be surfing in 90 minutes if I go west. Snowboarding if I go east.

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@JLeslie I have relatives in St Augustine Florida. I have always been interested in Florida but when I think of Florida, I think hot, humid,sticky weather. I have only ever visited in August so maybe I’m judging too harshly.

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@jonsblonde I never considered Tennessee. I will have to do some research on it. And I agree…California is lovely, but out of the question.

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@livelaughlove21 makes a good point that most of the south is crazy hot in the summer and winter in the winter. It might be 45 when it is 25 where you are, but it is still winter. You have to go to south FL to get the amazing weather in the wintertime that you can actually where a swimsuit. For me, I would rather complain about the heat for three months than the winter for 6.

St. Augustine is very nice. Temps are fairly moderate as far as FL goes. It does cool off in the winter. I recommend you set up the weather for that city in your phone app if you have one and watch the weather and see what you think instead of just looking at averages. Jacksonville is a major city near St. Augustine so you have that convenience if you need it. Disney and most of the other parks are two hours away. We Floridians get special deals at the parks during the off season. Pretty much whenever we can go cheap we know the lines will be short, usually no line at all. Right now there is a deal starting tomorrow, three days at Disney for $129 and you can use it over the next three months and split the days. There are also years passes, all sorts of deals. Seaworld has passes for unlimted for the rest of the year around May for $100 sometimes.

@jonsblond mentioned TN and I just moved from there. You can get land and people can be very nice. They also tend to be very conservative, I don’t know if that matters to you? The summer is crazy hot like SC. I’m not negative about TN, just throwing in my 2 cents. Overall we liked it, but if I had a child I think I would have been nervous by third grade depending where I lived.

Edit: One more thing about St. Augustine is if you still work in restaurants there is a ton of tourist related business in FL both hotel and restaurants, which might be good for you.

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The Gulf Coast of Texas, any state below the 40 parallel (Latitude)

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If you don’t mind a preponderance New Yorkers who actually are the assholes in the stereotype, Florida meets most of your criteria.

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Marseille, France.
The month of December is around 15c.
No rain, only sun, it suck’s…...I want snowwww.

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It’s on the West Coast but Ashland Oregon is pretty amazing. It has 4 seasons but the winters aren’t near as harsh as NY. Plenty of sunshine but it doesn’t get to hot in the summertime.
Lots of culture an Airport in medford up the road or a six hour drive to San Francisco.

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California and Oregon are great.
Inspite of the drought in Northern CA. right now which sucks, I love my area.
Warm/hot summers, but glorious nights, beautiful springs, and just enough snow to be fun but not disabling. Right now it is 1 p.m. and it is bright and sunny, about 66 degrees and I just came in wearing sandals from lunch on the deck.

3 weeks ago we had 6 inches of snow and now it is like spring.

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I second Colorado. Boulder or Manitou Springs if you lean left, Colorado Springs or Castle Rock if you lean right. Any of these, or any of the mountain towns have lots of outdoorsy stuff right in and around them. Four seasons, and though you may have heard that the winters are rough, they really don’t compare to Eastern winters because all the snow melts off in between snows, within a day or so. Motto is 300 days of sunshine.

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@wildpotato and now all the marijuana you want. lol

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@bolwerk The OP lives in NYS. Plus, St. Augustine isn’t full of New Yorkers. It is getting close to being in the south it is so north.

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Oakland hills, or the Berkeley hills are beautiful, and very moderate weather.

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Colorado sounds really nice actually. I just worry about it being so far away from family. I’ve only traveled through the east coast so Colorado is all new territory to me. Scary stuff!

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Look into North or South Carolina. Both are beautiful places to live, they have the four seasons, but not really very much snow.
My brother lives in the Raleigh/Durham North Carolina area and it’s beautiful and within 3 hours of the beach if you like beaches.
Charleston, SC is gorgeous and has a lot to offer.

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My SIL lived in Davidson. NC and loved it.

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I live in Boulder, CO and as @gailcalled said I too love the weather. Yes, we have winter and it can get very cold, but it never stays more than a few days, if it does it’s a freak thing just like can happen anywhere else. Today it was almost 70. There is never any humidity, the outdoors are at my back door, it’s always sunny, it hardly ever rains, and if it does it rains for an hour at 3 pm during the summer and then is sunny again by 4 or 5. It dries up immediately because of the dry air out here. Um….yes it’s pretty perfect. I do wish winter was a little less long and unpredictable but like I said, it’s never bad for long.

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@deni Right, I forgot about the clockwork rains. In the Springs you could set your watch by them. Mountain weather systems and microclimates are so cool.

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I should add that Oregon is super liberal if that is your thing. And the best thing about Oregon. No motherfucking sales tax.

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I lived in Raleigh and I was kind of bored there. However, I can see how people with children would like it. Charlotte is supposed to be a little younger and hipper and more cosmopolitan. I know you want to live outside of the city, but it’s nice to be near a biggish city. Ashville actually has a lot of retired people, but all ages also. Some of the people there are “halfbacks.”. They tried Florida, didn’t like it, and then went halfway back.

I liked TN better than NC personally, but a lot of people disagree.

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@deni That sounds so perfect! I really think we will take a vacation to Boulder in a few months and get a better feel for it. Do you have any suggestions as far as where to stay, what to do while we’re there, etc?

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The favorite activity of many people is health or sports-related. I remember the last time I was there, in Oct., my then husband and I went hiking in the flatirons (hills just outside of town). As we huffed our way along the trail we met the entire U. CO swimming team running up.

Bring your hiking boots…and just start walking. There is a short and beautiful ride (38 miles) up to the entrance to Rocky Mt. National Park at Estes Park.

Spectular drives in and near the park

Marketing was fun. There was a supermarket the size of the hamlet I now live in.

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The majority of my friends who moved out to Colorado loved it. Most of them have moved again, but not because they didn’t like CO. For me the big sell is four seasons but 300 days a year of sunshine. I hate the dreery days. It has some of the thinnest and healthiest cities. I only know one person who really didn’t like it and she knew it pretty much when she stepped foot in the state, just wasn’t for her. I’ve never been there, but I do think it is a good one to have on your list of possibilities.

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CA, FL during winter. the rest are either too hot, too cold or too dry!

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