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Do you think the square kitchen sinks that are in fashion now are more difficult to keep clean?

Asked by JLeslie (57734points) January 3rd, 2014

The corners down the side inside the sink are 90 degree and I wonder if the corners are harder to keep clean? Here is a photo of what I mean.

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All the angles and corners are too tight; I agree with you that it would be a pain cleaning those corners.

As a warning, if opening the link on a mobile device, there might be a prompt to download the app, but at the bottom is an option to open the photo in your browser.

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It’s the fact that at least one of those corners is going to be a welded joint that would give me pause. I’ve seen too much poor welding coming out of India and China already; I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen.

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I didn’t seem to have a problem but I’m not real OCD and the cleaners came once a week and got the detail.

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A very impractical design. Plus see @CWOTUS, a reasonable Flutherite.
I would say do not do that.

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Not if you don’t mind cleaning the corners with a Qtip or something similar. Thank you, no.

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Those 90 degree angles and tight corners would be very difficult to keep clean. Also, with all due respect to anyone who likes the look of that sink, it’s much too trendy; it’s appearance won’t age well, and it’ll be stale and dated within 10 years.

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I would hate that. Yuck in more ways than one.

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The sink I am going to get will be a regular undermount, not that farm style, but it was the first sink I came across with the 90 degree corners to give as an example.

From a practical standpoint I like the porcelain overmount. They are way cleaner and more sanitary and don’t scratch, but I am giving in to “fashion” and getting stainless again. I had the porcelain in two houses and it was awesome.

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I don’t like stainless and have consistently resisted it. I also agree that he square would be a pain.

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Yep, truly square would be harder to clean. I like the idea of an undermount sink in general, though. That actually seems like it would be easier to clean, to me.

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@augustlan Over time the undermount have more chance of getting yucky where they mount into the counter.

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Where is the garbage disposal? I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Not even for one ugly sink that’ll go out of style .

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That sink is ultra contemporary so my advice is to make sure that your decor is ultra contemporary, too.

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@Aster they don’t even show the drain in this picture. I’m sure the garbage disposal is there. You can put the switch anywhere.
@JLeslie if it’s caulked correctly an undercount sink should be much easier to clean. I agree I don’t like the barn sink look of hiving there front exposed. It just looks like the countertop installer was to lazy to cut out an accurate hole for the sink.

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I already keep a toothbrush on my sink to clean around the faucet, so it wouldn’t be much extra work to sweep out the corners. But ultimately I agree with @CWOTUS – if a choice is there, I wouldn’t choose to count on welding. And, for what it’s worth, I also prefer porcelain.

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