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Is another debt ceiling crisis due in the United States this month?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) January 3rd, 2014

Before I lost my cable I heard that the debt ceiling comes due in January. It’s January now so what happens next? Or does everyone look the other way for another 4 months while the debt ceiling is raised? I still don’t have cable, and I was out of the loop for a month. Also feel free to tell me what I missed from December 2013 onwards.

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What? There are news sites all over the internet, which you obviously have access to.

The quick answer is no, no more than usual.

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The debt ceiling issue doesn’t come up again until February 7. And the Treasury has tools to push it out until mid year.

But everyone in the House, and a third of the Senate are up for re-election this year, and the Republicans were heavily criticized for their games-playing back in October, that they won’t want to be seen again as obstructionist.

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Precisely, @zenvelo. If they pull the same stunts again, a Democrat-controlled Congress is almost assured, so they will pass it just like they passed it dozens of times under the Bushes.

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@YARNLADY This was in social so I can get to know people.

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@all the debt ceiling is upon us again in November.

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