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Do you ask questions to get information, to share thoughts/opinons/feelings or for other purposes?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14653points) January 3rd, 2014

To me, it depends. Sometimes I ask to get information for a specific subjects. Sometimes the question is just the means to share something interesting. As for my relationship questions, I want to get some good advice as I’m such at dealing with those things. Writing down the question itself somehow make me feel better.

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To keep me company In the middle of the night, that and telling stories while practicing writing skills is a second reason. Also its how I participate In society.

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Well since it is a multiple choice question I would say all of the above.
Pretty much runs the gauntlet of reasons for question asking. lol

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@talljasperman I ask to practice my English too.
@Coloma just curious. Because one day I read a jelly’s answer saying that he/she write questions as a mean to share interesting things he/she happens to find.

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Everything, each question is different.

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D. All of the above.

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Yes, mostly.

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I usually ask to get information, or share an interesting story or article I read, and get other opinions.

Sometimes, though, it’s just to bitch – like when my husband ate all the mozzarella cheese I needed for a recipe.

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