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Knee Injury?

Asked by Kandy (363points) January 4th, 2014

Last night I was goofing off with a friend of mine and I had wrapped my leg around theirs, but when I quickly unwrapped it and went to stand up my leg buckled and I fell. The medial side of my knee hurts now but it is stable with no sign of injury (minus some pain) and I can walk. I have it wrapped up and iced now but I don’t want to have to go get an MRI/Xray unless I need to(you know you that can cost). Did I sprain it or worse, tear my MCL?

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I hope not. The way you describe it it sounds like it will be ok. Time will tell. I would just keep it stable and wait a few days, maybe take some ibuprofen. But, I am not a doctor and I am not in your body, so my advice isn’t worth much, it’s just what I would do based on your description.

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Thanks! Another opinion is better than just mine. I just don’t have time for a major injury.

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Well, not treating it correctly can wind up making it worse and make it more major in the long run. Can you call your GP and ask if there is anything he would do differently? It doesn’t sound like anything is broken. The big question is even if you had an accurate diagnosis would it matter how it is treated? I don’t know for sure. When I broke my second to littlest toe I never went to the doctor, because the xray doesn’t matter, they don’t set small toes, they just tape them. So, I taped it to stabilize it. As far as knees go I don’t know for sure what they do.

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I am wearing a brace, icing it on and off, and resting for now. If the pain doesn’t subside within a week, I am scheduling am appointment. My doctor won’t be able to xray or give an MRI until then anyways, so I will just protect it and relax.

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Most likely it is nothing serious but it is still worth getting it checked out. Could be a sprain or you may have irritated the cartilage. Hope it settles down soon.

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How stiff or flexible is it and how bad was the pain. If you did tear a ligament or cartilage the pain will be like nothing you’ve ever felt before. You’ll see stars at the very least. And is there any swelling? I did the cartilage and it was very stiff and swelled about twice normal size. And it persists for a long time.

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When I tore my Medial Meniscus, it took quite a lot to do it.
Afterward, I was able to walk, with some pain. The thing that really hurt was walking downhill.
If it still hurts after a week, you’d better have it looked at.

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I’m not a doctor, so what I say is based only on my own long experience with bad knees. What you describe sounds like a ligament strain and will heal in time. I think you’re doing the right things—brace, cold packs—and to that I would add, Stay off it as much as possible to give it a chance to settle down. If it’s still hurting next week, a visit to the doctor is certainly in order.

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Have you checked WebMD on the topic? They have a very good description of the structure of the knee and various problems that can occur from various causes.

In general, “minor” injuries to knees and ankles are treated with RICE (not rice):

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I’d give it one week of rest. Then if it doesn’t feel almost perfect I’d go for an Xray or whatever they do.

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Hard to say, but I will say that when I hyperextended my knee and tore some ligaments, I was actually walking on it for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until about 2AM that the adrenaline/endorphins wore off and stopped masking the pain.What had felt like a sprain earlier was crippling a few hours later. After that few hours, it was over a year before I could put my full weight on it, and it still hurts even 14 years later.

No two injuries are quite the same though. Odds are that a regular doctor’s visit could find a problem (if one exists) without an MRI, especially if you so to a specialist. They will generally only do an MRI if they know you messed it up and just want to figure out how and how badly.

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When I dislocated my knee it stretched my MCL but did not break it, and the pain was blinding; the worst I’ve ever experienced. Walking was out of the question, initially. Like the jellies above say, every injury and reaction is different, but it sounds to me as though you did not injure the knee badly.

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