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So - how much snow did you get?

Asked by janbb (51203points) January 4th, 2014

Drove up from Florida the past few days and found about 5 inches with lots of drifts around my place. Heard there was a lot more in other areas. Wondering whose snow is the deepest?

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We (eastern MA) got about 18 inches. It was very light snow, however. It was a strange storm. There were towns near us that got < 10 inches, while a few miles away had near 25 inches.

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About 5”- light and powdery.

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I’m looking outside now and I’d estimate about 8 inches. But it was freezing these past few days.

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We had a couple of big snowfalls before Christmas, each dumping a little over a foot, I think.

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@glacial That’s what you get for living in the frozen north.

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I’m not complaining; it’s very pretty. Of course, I may have complained a little while I was shoveling out…

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The 8” of very light powder was less of an issue than the below 0˚ F temperatures. On both Thurs. and yesterday, the road crews couldn’t salt the roads, making driving very dangerous. I was out on Thurs. and had to creep along at 35 mph to keep from fishtailing. I noticed that the other drivers were exerting the same amount of extreme caution. Even the heavy trucks vehicles were slithering around. The slightest tap on the brakes led to a white-knuckle situation.

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North of Boston, we got about 14-inches, but it was light and fluffy.

The real issue was the cold. About -10°F last night.

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Only 4 inches in DC.

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@marinelife Yes, we drove from Chapel Hill yesterday and it was not bad at all around DC and most of the way up.

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About 12” of snow. The cold is meaner, about -22 F last night.

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zero, not even in the high country. People are getting worried about a drought.

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About 8. We’re getting 6–12 more tomorrow. Yippie.

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We got about 8” up here near New Brunswick, NJ, and the low outside our front door last night was 9ºF. They’re saying it will rain and be in the 40s tomorrow, then the “polar vortex” will hit and we’ll have more wicked cold weather by Tuesday – and obviously ice from all the rain and melting snow… it’s going to be bad.

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We are supposed to get 6–8” when it’s finished snowing by tomorrow afternoon. Then come the brutal wind chills. -30 to -40F are in the forecast starting late tomorrow and lasting until Tuesday morning.

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I’m guessing in my part of North Boston we netted about 12 to 14 inches. Hard to say, as it was blowing and drifting so much. Last night it dropped below zero and the hot water pipe to the kitchen sink froze, but fortunately I was able to defrost it with a small space heater and it didn’t burst.

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None, and NO RAIN either, less three days in four months; and I am loving it!!!

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@ETpro: Gah! We were worried about that too. I kept all faucets drizzling all night. I’m glad you were able to avoid a burst pipe.

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We had extra cold temps the past few days. The snow has not melted at all.

I had a plumber tell me, when he was here a few years ago for frozen kitchen sink pipes, to use hairdryer to unfreeze the pipes. He also suggested, when there’s a cold snap, to leave the cabinet doors under the sink open, so the heat from the room circulates around the pipes. He said not to keep too much stuff under the sink, so when you leave the doors open, the heat really has no obstacle.

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Monday it will be 46˚ F and Tues. 9˚ F during the day.

@jca; That’s a useful tip (leaving cabinet doors open under sink). Thanks, or thank your plumber.

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@ETpro Lucky! I had an apartment once that had a washer and dryer in an unheated attachment (dumbest design for a building ever). When the pipes froze, and freeze they must, we always tried to wait until they were thawed before using the machines, but once we attempted it too early… We thought that since the water was running, everything would be fine, but a small chunk of ice had remained, and tore up the pipes under the pressure of the water.

At least it finally prompted our landlord to spring for a space heater in that attachment…

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@cookieman Thnaks. Next time I do the same, and keep the cabinet doors under the sink open as well.

@glacial Pressures from ice can reach 2000 PSI, so chances are the freezing installed the crack and when a chunk of ice jammed the flow, the resulting water hammer ruptured the pipe. It was, at that point, a ticking time bomb anyway.

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@ETpro Oh, agreed. We told the landlord as much, but it was clearly going to take a small disaster to make him act.

It was a great moment, like a scene from a film. Picture the two of us listening to the thing travelling along the pipe, holding our breath… followed by the eventual gush.

Less fun to clean up the spill in the cold, though.

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Maine had a snowstorm this past Thursday night/Friday morning and my area only got about 4 inches. Today it was just cold, no snow.

Is it Spring yet?

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Nothing but rain and flooding in England yet, but we still have four more months of potential.

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Usually around here, when it snows, by the next day 50% is gone and within 2 or 3 days, all that remains are piles in parking lots. Not this time. It’s just totally frigid out there. I don’t know how people in Canada and Alaska do it. I really don’t.

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Still heavy today in Missouri, probably 6 inches so far. Snow is so much nicer than ice.

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@jca Aww, it’s not that bad. A huge snowfall is a lovely thing. The digging out is hard work, but there’s something about a shared hardship (well, ok – inconvenience) that improves people’s sense of community for a little while. And of course, it leaves no shortage of topics for small talk – commiseration about shovelling or car trouble, or about how annoying that one person everyone knows is. You know, that person who loveslovesloves snow more than anything else in the whole wide world and wants everyone else to know how happy they are that we just got 2 feet of it overnight. That person is so annoying.

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I’m that annoying person @glacial. It’s hard to find another person who shares our excitement. Everyone else is bitching about the snow and wishing they lived in Florida. That gets really annoying to hear all winter. :)

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I think I’m one of the few people on Fluther who didn’t and never does get snow. I’m in Southern California. We do get snow in our local mountains, but not every year and it doesn’t last long.

I’m embarrassed to tell you that it’s been in the 70’s to the 90’s for the last 4 weeks.

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@jonsblond Haha! A couple of my closest friends are like this. I swear I don’t bitch about the snow… much. But it doesn’t always fill me with glee, either. :)

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We only received about six inches from that storm, but we probably already have two feet of snow in total so far just from November and December already. As long as it isn’t freezing rain or sleet I don’t mind snow and cold too much.

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