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So how many terrorists have the TSA caught so far?

Asked by DWW25921 (6398points) January 4th, 2014

How much money do we pump into this, and other absolutely useless programs? Tell us your thoughts.

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They caught a white American citizen bounty hunter who was armed to the teeth with a sword and a machine gun, who was going to kill bin laden at the airport. No word if he got his million dollar sword back.

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The NSA is not a young organization. They’ve had plenty of success stories over the years and I’m glad they’re here. The problem is not the idea of the NSA. The problem is the new data mining methods they employ to spy on everyone. This didn’t need to happen.

Trailblazer was chosen over a similar program named ThinThread, a less costly project which had been designed with built-in privacy protections for United States citizens.[3][4] Trailblazer was later linked to the NSA electronic surveillance program and the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy.[3]

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If Obama destroyed the TSA I assume you wouldn’t care if 9/11 v.2 happened the next day. You totally wouldn’t call him weak on security and blame him.

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Very odd that ThinThread was cancelled just weeks before 9/11 occurred. Just eerily odd.

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Try doing a search for “How often does tsa let guns through a checkpoint?” and answer your own question. (smirk, chortle!)

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@snowberry I looked it up and found articles about bribery and scandals. Not much about actual progress…

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I’d evaluate their performance a bit differently. How many repeat 9/11 hijackings have happened on their watch? If terrorists think they will get caught if they try, and they therefore abandon the idea of hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, then TSA is doing their job if they never apprehend anyone. We need to use other methods to track down and arrest (or otherwise neutralize) terrorists, and we do.

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The TSA has collects TONS of knives and guns and DYNAMITE (Okay it was fake but??? )

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies , he said TSA not NSA.

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Fuck the TSA. When I came back from Belize those assholes broke a bottle of rum and a bottle of hot sauce in my bag, stole 76 dollars and took all my clothes out of my bag(of course neglecting to put them back in) Not a damn thing I could do about it.

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It would be better to ask “Does the TSA ever catch terrorists?”.I have little faith TSA does much of anything useful.

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The TSA is largely a shit-travels-down hierarchy. The mall cops at check-in are treated like shit by paranoid, authoritarian superiors.

It’s pretty much what happens when inept neo-cons design a bureaucracy.

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@Judi “TSA not NSA”

… oh… um… thanks

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Maybe it deters terrorists from trying. Like in my home town we hired huge wrestlers to be bouncers and they were confused because nothing ever happened, we had to explained that no one would cause trouble with them around.

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