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Should I add my crush's friend on Facebook?

Asked by xxSpaarkliexx (22points) January 5th, 2014

I found my old crush on Facebook and it has been almost 2 weeks and he has not accepted. I sent a friend request and a message 5 months ago but he has not accepted. He has been online. He changed his cover photos. I found his friend who is just like a stranger on the street, but we have 4 mutual friends. I’m not sure if I should send a request to his friend and see if his friend accepts. It has been at least a week and I said to myself I would not keep friending him and deleting him when he’s online. Either I can send a friend request to his friend or I can not bother and move on? Do you think that will be bad? He still goes to college and I had to leave early, I had a huge crush on him

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Stop obsessing over this person who is not interested in you. Don’t Facestalk his friends. Move on with your life.

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Agreed. Time to move on.

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Uh, he obviously doesn’t want to add you back. Leave him and his friend alone.

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Reality check-not everyone likes you, and that’s their right. Time to stop obsessing darlin.

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Let it go, move one, don’t sent the friend a request.

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He obviously doesn’t want to accept you. Just don’t get obsessed or attached because obsessing over a guy who has not even bothered to send you a reply or add you is literally the biggest waste of time. Time to move on, if he is meant to be with you, he will be yours, in time. Forcing the situation is not going to help.

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I think that you should put your energy into figuring out why you are putting so much energy into someone who is not interested in you. You deserve better.

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The best thing for you to do is to forget about this person and move on. There are better things in life.

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