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Why are there so few varieties of goat cheese?

Asked by josie (28359points) January 5th, 2014

I like to sprinkle a little goat cheese on a salad. It gives it a little richness that I like, but try to otherwise avoid in my diet.

When I go to Whole Foods, there is a cheese display about a hundred yards long. But it is all from cows milk.

In a little corner, in a distant cooler, is a little package of goat cheese. About the size of an M2 round.

Why are there so few varieties of goat cheese?

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I was in Hannaford’s yesterday and there was a whole display of goat cheese. You name it, it was there. Do you have any of those near you?

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No. Where is Hannaford’s? Somewhere in the Adirondacks?

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This one was in Oneonta NY in Otsego County. Let me look for a website.

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All over the Northeast to the east of us. Evidently this is the most western store they have. Sorry Josie.

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Thanks for the effort

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Hey I’m not done. We have a bunch of farms making cheeses around here. Some must sell online. I’ll keep looking.

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We have a farm that sells sheep’s and goat’s cheeses (link to their online store) not too far from us. Have you done a search for dairy/cheese farms in your area?

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The style of goat cheese that’s popular in America is the young stuff, which is relatively mild in flavor. Those mostly taste pretty similar, so there’s not a whole lot of incentive to sell dozens of varieties of them. When you get into ripened goat cheeses with lower moisture content, then you start seeing more varied characteristics, but these typically have a pretty strong twang to them, and that’s off-putting to most Americans. They’re an acquired taste. You don’t see them often here.

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I think pretty much any cheese can be made with goat’s milk.

This is just a local example I know of.

Smitha's avatar sells over 80 different goat’s milk cheeses from all over the world. Here is the complete listing of all goat cheese types available at the igourmet online store.

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I think @thorninmud got it right for the reasons you don’t’ see much of it in U.S. stores.

But you can buy Cheese and other goat products, online, from the Drake Family Farms.

And LaClare Farms

And Black Mesa Ranch

And Blue Ledge Farm

And Harley Farms

And Juniper Grove Farm

Let us know if you find something you like!

Now I’m starving

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Available quantity. The are far more cows around and they produce milk in larger quantities.

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