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Help quick! How much broccoli should I buy?

Asked by LilCosmo (1814points) January 5th, 2014

I am making a recipe that calls for ten cups of broccoli florets. I am getting ready to brave the cold and pick up the ingredients, but I really don’t even have an idea of how many bunches of broccoli I will need to buy. Any estimates?

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I’m not sure how accurate it is, but a quick google search yielded this, which indicates that 10 cups of florets is approximately three heads of broccoli.

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That sounds about right to me. When unsure, going up is better than less, so I would say three, but if you get four, you can be certain, and there’s always tomorrow for anything left.

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I third that it should be 3 or 4 heads of broccoli. I tend to be be a bit picky when trimming any potentially yucky bits off.

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Yeah – I would get 4 just to be sure too.

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Thanks! I’m picking up four bunches!

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For future reference- vegetables are cheap, buy a lot.

Also, if you have raw leftovers, freeze the florets on cookie sheets, and save them in ziploc bags.

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What are you making that calls for 10 cups of broccoli florets?

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@gailcalled sesame ginger broccoli soup.

At the local grocery store broccoli was $3.49 a bunch so since I couldn’t bring myself to spend $14 on broccoli I am going to hold off on my soup until I can get to Costco where I know the price will be much more reasonable.

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