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Where do flys go when it rains?

Asked by devilsyork (10points) June 28th, 2008 from iPhone

a random question my corprol wants to know

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The ones that don’t have umbrellas seek shelter under leaves, in trees, in your house, overhangs, etc, etc, etc.

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I believe you meant flies, but you were probably rushed by your “corprol” to submit the question. Actually, you probably meant Corporal, and since you didn’t exactly honor his rank, I recommend you hide your question detail from him (some NCOs can be a bit picky about things).

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I dunno about flies. the reason why mosquitoes and midges can stay around during rain however is because they are so light, that when rain falls, the pressure around each drop pushes them to the side allowing them to stay in the air.

I would have though flies go into nesting somewhere.

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Fluther is becoming a bunch of grammar and spelling Nazis. Give people a little slack…

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to the person who corrected my spelling…. I don’t give a what. thats why I’m in the infantry and not a clerk.

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That’s fine by me…just don’t tell my kernul.

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Your a lid obviously, this is a rhetorical question used by the senior soldiers on the younger ones and has been for years. The correct answer is “The same place mosquetios go during the day”.

Im not actually sure why its asked i guess its just one of those things people do. The same as the constant use of the motivational line “move at the speed of 1000 raped apes”

By the way don’t palm off correct spelling. I dont want the masses assuming im retarded and don’t give a @@@@ because of you.

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[Mod says:] Above quips removed at user request.

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