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Do you find a person who asks a lot annoying?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14659points) January 5th, 2014

Based on this question, in which the OP claimed that there are more askers than answerers in Fluther.

It seems that many jellies prefer answering to asking. So what do think of the people who prefer the other way around (like me)? Do you find them annoying?

This question concerns about all aspect of live generally and the Fluther community specifically.

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Definitely not. It makes up for me. I think Hypo thinks that there are more answerers than askers, though. I embrace questions.

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The only askers that annoy me are ones that ask the same question every third day, with only a slight rewording. It’s because they appear to not read or comprehend or incorporate what people say about the first question, so they ask it again and again and get the same answers again and again.

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Only the questions that are repetitive or asininely stupid.

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Here’s a little background on me. When I was little, I asked questions all day long. My parents got very tired of answering, so they helped me learn to read as early as possible, around age 3. I was then able to read my way through the daily newspaper, the various magazines that came to the house, and the encyclopedia they bought. I soaked up information most of my early life.

Now I spout it out as much as possible.

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When I was very little, I used to visit my great-grandmother. I was fascinated by her. She was quite old. Her hair was kept pinned up around her head, but when they combed it for her,it was about four feet of white. I tried to picture her being a little girl, and what her world must have been like.
I asked her. She told me she didn’t have any stories. I told her she didn’t need to know any stories, just tell me what any old day was like when she was younger, any age. She sharply told me she had nothing to tell me, that she didn’t have a life interesting enoug to talk about.
I vowed to not reach her age without things to share with any child who might ask. I might not learn everything, but I would experience a lot, and have things to share, and stories to tell.
Sometimes i get a bit hurt that people will ask questions, and then not seem to care that there were people eager to answer them, but I am always glad that people who have questions are asking them. I will always want to answer questions, and will try my best to be helpful.
When I ask questions, I am interested in what the answers will be, but most of my questions here are for the entertainment of answerers who have run out of fresh questions, and are beginning to putrify while they wait for more. (Only mildly poking, my lovely fellow jellies. Just checking to see if we’re all awake.)
ASK and ask and ask. Somebody will get you an answer.

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It’s only annoying if the question is asked on Friday and it includes a NSFW tag.~

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@zenvelo That is the question they are stuck on. Kudos to the one who can finally give them closure on it with an obviously definitive answer, and let them move on.

@YARNLADY No question, you had great parents.

@Jonesn4burgers What a wonderful, well painted picture of your unfortunate encounter with the unforthcoming aunt. I am sure she had stories to tell, but her generation stifled them. So much the pity. And since you have set your sails to dock in different port, I have no doubt you will succeed.

@jonsblond If you have a personal problem with my questions, they are easy enough to avoid. That you refuse to avoid them, but rather keep taking them to issue tells me my questions do you no harm. But because you don’t personally like them, you’d like to stop me from asking. Make a new plan. That one isn’t going to work.

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I have no issues with anyone asking lots of questions, as long as they are not repetitious.

But just as you (or anyone) has the option to ask many questions, I have the option to ignore the questions.

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Only when the detail goes on and on for paragraphs. Or worse, for one long paragraph.

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As long as you’re asking something new and different, and it isn’t beating a dead horse, it’s never annoying. I often learn something new from someone else’s question.

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@ETpro you missed the tilde, didn’t you. Could you have a bigger head? Get over yourself

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@jonsblond Ha! I did indeed. My sincere apologies.

And missing the tilde makes the entire exchange even funnier. Step 1 made in getting over myself.

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I don’t mind people asking lots of questions as long as they’re interesting, thought provoking, amusing, not repetitive, and are not sh*t stirring Q’s disguised as thoughtful discussions.

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I love questions. As regards to the ‘beating a dead horse’ comment further up, that may be for users who have been here ages and spend far too much time here. They might find the questions similar or annoying. Whilst for other’s including new users they are interesting and exciting. Plus, not all questions are the same even when they sound the same. The asker has a whole different reason for asking.

A question is a question and I would never regard one as boring or not good enough for fluther, that is what keeps the wheels turning.

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@LornaLove I think the folks who are referring to the people who are asking the “beat a dead horse” Q’s are referring to the same person who asks essentially the same Q with slightly different wording, as opposed to multiple people asking similar Q’s for different reasons.


Q1: What should I do about my boyfriend? He sometimes verbally abuses me and hits me, but not very often? I really love him and he’s the only person who has ever understood me. We’re best friends.

Q2: Have you ever been so in love with someone that you couldn’t walk away from them? Details: sometimes he’s hit me a few times and calls me names, but I’m OK with that part, because I do things that make him mad too. Like last night, I was supposed to have dinner ready at 6 and I had to work late, so I didn’t even get home until 6:15 and he was really upset, but I don’t blame him because he was so hungry.

Q3: I’ve been dating this wonderful man, my best friend, for the past 6 years, sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for him and because of this he sometimes gets angry. He’s only hit me once and sometimes he yells at me and calls me names, but I think I probably deserve it, because I was being annoying and bothering him, plus I’m really jealous. That’s something I’ve been working on.

Q4: This guy that I’ve been dating, that I love with all my heart is ignoring me. I looked at his computer and saw that he had a tab opened to some really ugly pornography. I know I shouldn’t have looked, but I did and he’s apparently been looking at it for many years now and has thousands of pictures of nude women and porn videos saved. When I confronted him about it, he got really mad. He accidentally knocked me down, actually I think I tripped, but I shouldn’t have been looking at his private business. What should I do?

Q5: So I promised my boyfriend, who I would die for, because he’s so smart and talented and he makes a really good living, that I wouldn’t snoop. But I was so jealous that I couldn’t help myself. I’m not worth the dirt on his shoes and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be with him. Without him I would probably kill myself. I snooped and now he’s been asking if I looked at his computer. I said no, but I’m afraid that if he finds out that he might break up with me. He’s really a good guy and has only hit me once, but I deserved it, because I was checking his Facebook account and I got really jealous, because he was talking to his ex-girlfriend, who is a total bitch. I want to trust him, because I love him so much, but he has all of this porn saved on his computer and it makes me want to die. What should I do?

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I would hope that when people ask questions that they’re about something the asker is really interested in discussing or debating. When I was on sodahead, where there’s no limit on how many questions a person could ask, it was a common site to see a user ask:

1) What’s your favorite color?
2) What’s your favorite state?
3) What’s your favorite tv show?
4) What size shoes do you wear?
5) What color are your eyes?

Followed by 100 more questions like these consecutively by the same user. Ironically another user would ask many of the same questions consecutively on another page. Leaderboard and rave addicts. One could never do this on fluther.

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@Kardamom Okay got it. Thanks :)

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