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What are some good meats to cook red wine with?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 6th, 2014

As some of you know, my restaurant closed down on Sunday. I’m searching for a job, and I have applied for unemployment insurance. My manager gave me a bottle of opened wine and with all this time I have at home, I’d like to cook something with this wine. I know, strange, wanting to cook for the sole purpose of having red wine, but oh well.

Looking to do something semi-savory, doesn’t have to be hearty, can range from seafood, to land animals, to vegetarian. Just wanting to explore options. (OK back to formulating resumes specific to certain jobs)

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With a red wine, avoid sauces or gravies that are reduced in the cooking, because that will concentrate the tannins. The best thing would be to add balance to a sweet marinade for chicken or steak.

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Do you mean using the wine in the recipe, or what to eat with it?

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@ccrow yes to use in the recipe, thanks for catching that one.

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Beef Bourgignon. Or use in a marinade for London Broil. Or as the liquid in a pot roast. Red wine goes well cooking with Beef, not so much with cooking lamb or pork.

Maybe with some goat?

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I had some venison on new years that had been marinating in red wine for 24 hours. It was pretty incredible. Add carrots for sweetness and mushrooms/garlic/onions/herbs for flavor and slow cook in wine, it would be hard for anything to not be amazing using that technique.

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Short ribs

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A beef stew would be great with red wine in it.

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I can’t add anything to all these suggestions, but now I’m hungry.

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And let’s not forget one of Julia Child’s signature classics:

Coq Au Vin (chicken with wine).

Here’s a recipe from Alton Brown

And here’s one from Ina Garten

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@pleiades Just exactly when is this party and are we all invited?

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@Kardamom With all these awesome tips and suggestions how could I not have you all over! Hell everyone bring some meat, veggies, I’ll buy some more wine ;)

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Venison. It’s a dark meat so it goes well with red wine, and it is very lean and beautifully tender. Cut the meat into strips, pan-fry it with some sliced onions, add the wine and a little honey to sweeten it, a bit of flour to thicken. Serve with some dark green leafy veg and roast potatoes. And invite me for dinner :)

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