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How do you get a guy to ask you out?

Asked by Girl97 (53points) January 6th, 2014

Okay so there’s this boy that I like and he likes me , i know this cause he told me . We kissed last friday at a party and we were talking a bit . I thought things were going good but he’s acting kind of weird… I would love for him to ask me out on a date, any tips on how I can do this ? Im 16 btw , Thanks for all your help !

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You could ask him out on a date.

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ohh god how would i even do that ! I dont know if i could bring myself to do that !

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“We kissed last friday at a party…”

Consider next time, save the kissing for those who ask you on a date beforehand.

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@Girl97 If you can’t ask, why do you think he could? He might be just as scared as you.

Does he know you liked kissing him? How about saying, “if we went out I could kiss you again.”

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You can suck face with the guy, but you can’t ask him a question? Priorities, sweetheart.

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I’m confused. No I’m not confused. You’re beyond belief. Ask him out! If he’s too shy, lame, dumb, fill in the blank——————- to ask, then for God’s sake take the initiative. You must be VERY young.

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I wouldn’t waste my time with him if I were you. I’d focus on school, studying and getting good grades. But that’s just my 26 year old unemployed male response.

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@Girl97 “Hey (insert his name), I had fun on Friday. Let’s (go see X movie/grab dinner at X restaraunt/get some coffee/etc.) on (insert day of week you’re available).”

You’ve already kissed the guy, this part is easy.

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It’s 2013, you have to act like an equal partner, I get that you’re 16. He may be extremely shy, or he may be broke and can’t afford to take you out and pay for both of you. He also may not be creative enough to even consider what asking you out really means (as in, he may not even know where to take you or what to do when you got there).

Ask him if he’d like to get a cup of coffee, then go dutch. Suggest a picnic, rollerblading in the park, a walk on the beach or a trip to one of your local museums. Insist on going dutch, unless he insists on paying for you. If you do end up dating him on a regular basis, make sure that you both reciprocate with the paying back and forth. Don’t expect him to pay for you all the time.

Learn, now, at your young age, how to be confident, comfortable around, and equal to boys.

If he turns you down (and doesn’t give you a good reason for why he can’t go with you) then stop kissing him and chalk it up to horny hormones in a dude.

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Speaking as a male that was once 16.. for the love of god, please, ask him out.

It is so nerve wrecking trying to figure out what you girls want us to do. So much so, I turned gay.

I did, but that isnt why.

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If more women asked guys out I’d probably have gone on more than a couple of dates in high school. Come to think of it…my first real G.F. asked me out. A little inside secret here, most young guys will never admit that asking a girl out can be one of the most terrifying moments in their life, especially as a teenager. At 16 though, you have PLENTY of time for dating. Make sure your priorities are in order.

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Sounds like you have done about everything you can do. I suppose you could kiss him some more. But if he isn’t taking the bait, maybe you should kiss somebody else.

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You go up to him and say “Hey, do you fancy going to a movie/bowling alley/something else with me on Friday night?”

Wait for a teenage guy to ask you first, you’ll be waiting til he’s 30.

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