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What is your favorite cold weather activity?

Asked by mowens (8350points) January 6th, 2014

What is your favorite cold weather activity? Indoors or out.

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Hunting coyotes on snow shoes.

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Hiking in the snow. We don’t get snow where I live, so it’s always a treat to go up to the mountains and do a little bit of hiking and photographing.

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Building an igloo, then chillin’ out inside the igloo with a good book.

Gods, it’s been too long.

Oh, also, bonfires and music. But I like that all the time, not just in the snow. ^_^

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^ Major frakkin’ toaster lover. ;-)

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So say we all.

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Building a pillow fort and sleeping in it.

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Wallowing in thick fuzzy blankies with my dogs watching crap tv.

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Reading about blizzards and such while sunbathing in Florida;)

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Ice skating. Picnics in the snow. Sledding. And after all that, a hot bath.

I want snooow…

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It was boinking, but I am not married at the moment so that is out of the question. So it is avoiding the cold while I wait for the great days of summer.

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Avoiding the cold as much as I possibly can. That and baking delicious treats.

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Staying inside where it is warm.

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@mowens “Snogging” is kissing in English slang.

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Sleigh riding is fun.

Taking a walk through a quiet neighborhood at night, boots crunching the snow, smelling fireplaces from the houses.

At home, just chilling in bed, watching movies.

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Napping under a comforter!

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Sitting in front of a fire in my easy chair with my computer and the fuzzy blanket my oldest grandson gave me for my birthday last year.

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Going indoors.

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I like taking long walks because it is easier when it is cold.

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Sitting in an outdoor hot tub cranked to 105. Even fun if it’s snowing! More fun if your sweetie is with you and you are both naked.

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Lorna took my answer above. I prefer to to walk on the mountain road above my house in frigid weather, especially a very quiet night. I don’t like walking when it’s warm out, and I sweat too easily. I enjoy walking in the snow too, but not in sleet or freezing rain.

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@Paradox25 Yes! me too love walking at night. It just seems much easier for some reason.

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Skiing down a really steep slope, going super fast!

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@LornaLove I tested my motivation tonight, only about a one mile walk from my sister’s house to mine, but it’s already close to -10 before midnight.

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Just walking around, especially at night. I love walking, but it’s better at night, because less traffic and less people. I adore super cold Winter nights, where the snow sparkles and the stars are out.

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Hiding under a warm blanky by a fire and avoiding the outdoors at all costs.

I’m a huge bitch when it comes to the cold, if I could never see snow again in my life I’d be just fine with that.

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@Paradox25 At least I’m not the only weirdo walking around at night ;) (early hours of the morning).

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@LornaLove I have to work outside in it at night many times, but when I’m moving or working I get warm very easily. As long as I have my hands, feet and ears covered, and as long as I’m not wet I usually do well in it. It’s the extreme heat and humidity that kills me.

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XC skiing.

@zenvelo Especially in the snow – the best thing is to jump out of the tub and into a pile of fluffy new snow, roll around for a second and hop back in the tub. Turns your muscles to jelly in instants. Same principle as the Finnish sauna.

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