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Why does this happen to me at a concert?

Asked by xxSpaarkliexx (22points) January 6th, 2014

When I go to see a band for example Union J. I come home not wanting to come home and then I just cry for days because I want to go back to see them or just stay with them. I come home and cry because I’m unsure of this? But 10 weeks later I’ll’ll be back to my old self?

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If you’re a 12 year old girl, this is perfectly normal, and in about 10 years, you’ll disclaim the fact that this period of your life ever happened.

I, personally, refer to it as “The Dark Times”.

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I can totally relate to this. My friends and I used to call this problem: Monkees Convention Let Down.

I’m quite a bit older than you, I’m guessing, but The Monkees were (and still are) my band. We would follow them around on tour and go to see them at conventions (yes we are very nerdy). But the joy of seeing them was so euphoric, that I can only liken it to being on some kind of a drug, and then you have withdrawal symptoms afterwards.

Now, I can go and see them (well except for our dear Davy Jones who passed away last year) and enjoy myself, but not get depressed after the fact. I think the hormones led to most of the depression back in the old days. Sometimes it would take about a month to get back to normal.

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It’s an adrenaline rush. You’ll be fine.

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It’s normal for teenagers to feel like that. It’s just that the song being performed could be so powerful and is being performed with great passion, that you could be moved enough to cry. It’s just a release from the excitement you feel on seeing your favorite band playing.

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I know what you mean. I was depressed for days after seeing Throbbing Gristle.

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It takes you 10 weeks to get back to normal? I understand the feeling completely, I have experienced it many times but it takes me a day or two to get back to normal.

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Man, brings me back to the Grateful Dead concerts/shows… inevitably one of us would cry right after the encore. Sometimes, even during the show. I still get chills when I think of them; being in the same room (albeit a very big room) with the members of the band – I mean, f@!#ing Jerry Garcia – what a trip! So, yes, I know the feeling. When a tour would end, I’d feel empty, and when he died, I cried and cried and cried. Having said that, 10 weeks is a long ass time. What band did you see?

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In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s the matter how you deal with “coming back to reality” moment.
Concerts, festivals and any celebrations are meant to give us an escape moment from the everyday-routine (reality, i call it :)). It’s the time when you can fly away and let go of your worries/obligations/played personalities/etc. Especially with music. You’re in another world while listening the band, aren’t you? :)
I assume that we all have our little utopias in our head where everything is according to us and there’s no pain. Some people chose to stay there for a bit, the other suppress it because it distracts them from the everyday obligations.

Why this happens to you? it happens to me and my friends. I would ask why it happens to humans? and my answer is that we live lives that others expect us to live and we’re missing a lot by following others, their rules and whatever. We’re playing a social game and learning rules we haven’t invented. Be smart, understand them in order to adjust to your imaginary utopia and life gonna get much more exciting :)
Do something about. Asking questions is a good step. I applaud you :)

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