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Min. sentence for violent crime in Pa?

Asked by bb1793 (4points) January 6th, 2014

What is the minimum sentence for someone found guilty of Unlawful Restraint/Serious Bodily Injury, and for Aggravated Assault in PA?

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Impossible to say, it will all depend on the judge that reviews the case, any prior arrests, crimes, history. If the issues were the result of self defense or someone committing a citizens arrest. Restraining a would be or witnessed subject/criminal act.The same as most states I would assume.

You should be speaking with an attorney in your state for answers to this question.

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Specific laws vary by state. You will have to check your local listings. In many cases Aggravated assault may be enhanced to a 1st Degree Felony if the person has used or even exhibited a deadly weapon. It increases the sentencing potential and the class of the charge.You can get some information here.

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Pennsylvania has sentencing guidelines, however they are not mandatory. They appear to be strong recommendations for judges. These do not take into account individual circumstances such as past criminal record, recidivism, degree of violence (forcing a pregnant jewelry store owner to drink Draino during a robbery is going to incur more judicial wrath upon a criminal who merely roughs up a bank teller, for example.), etc.

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I’m afraid to answer. Will you hurt me? :)

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