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I had gotten a mip ticket and got signed to a class and 24 hours of community service i didn't have the money for the class so i didn't go now they are asking for me to go back to court whats gonna happen?

Asked by Daisy93 (4points) January 7th, 2014 from iPhone
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You’re going to plead your case to the judge. You’re going to apologize for not taking the class and for not telling him earlier that your didn’t have the money. You are going to dress appropriately for court.. You are going to ask for mercy. You are going to tell him that you still don’t have the money for the class but you are willing to do more community service.
He might sentence you to some jail time instead of the class.
Be humble and apologetic and don’t interrupt the judge when he talks.
Did you do the community service? If not he’s not going to believe anything you say anyway.

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So you are a minor? Do you live with your parents? Did they refuse to pay for the class? Will they be in court with you?

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Dumb ass, it’s called consequences for our actions. Not going is not an option. You get a sentence you follow it or you go to court and tell the judge why you couldn’t do it. Just not going is the worst possible response. Sorry for the first two words, but they’re appropriate here.

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@Adirondackwannabe Agreed. You got a sentence, you didn’t do it, now you want to ignore the court’s wishes again? This is a classic penis measuring contest. News: The court system as a bigger penis.

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Guys… isn’t this a minor? Where did they say that they wouldn’t go to court/would ignore the court again?

Don’t you think the parents have some liability here?

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@Cupcake @Daisy93 said she was sentenced to go to a class she didn’t have money for. I guess she did not say she wasn’t going to go to court again, I read @Adirondackwannabe‘s post and assumed. I know, I know. I’m bad. I havent had my coffee yet!

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@Cupcake I don’t care if it’s a 12 year old. If she’s old enough to drink she needs to be responsible for what happens. She was sentenced to a class, she didn’t have the money, so she blew it off. Not too smart.

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m not disagreeing with that. But if my kid was sentenced to take a class and didn’t have money, I would pay for it and make damn sure they paid me back. Isn’t that the job of a parent? I mean, aren’t they legally responsible for their minors?

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Courts are intimidating and difficult to navigate. Especially if you don’t follow their orders. Now it takes even bigger balls to show up.

Advice is: show up. Follow @Judi‘s advice.

I still want to know where your parents are in all this.

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