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Is my diet a healthy one, your opinion please.

Asked by SSS911 (115points) January 7th, 2014

Every morning I have a hardboiled egg on 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with lettuce. I go for a 3 mile walk with my dog. Afternoon, I have 2 thin slices of turkey with 1 slice of swiss cheese along with lettuce, tomato and a kosher pickle. Dinner is a salad with lettuce, tomato, onions, green pepper and cucumber with several pieces of cut up baked chicken breast. I am losing weight, but should I be eating something else, or is this healthy enough?

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Are you a male or female?

If you are a male, you should have at least 1200 unburned calories a day. You are way under BEFORE your exercise? What is your current height and weight? Where are you trying to be?

To me, without doing the calculations, I would guess you are eating way too little.

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Get a free account with and log your food for the day. It will give you an idea of the calories/fat/carbs as well as a nutrient breakdown. Eating the exact same thing each day is not healthy. You need variety to get all of your required nutrients.

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I am 63 years old. I am 5’11”. I weigh 200 pounds. Except for walking I do very little exercise through the week. I do walk 7 days a week though. Also a male.

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That doesn’t sound like enough to keep a bird alive.

Where’s the food? Lettuce has negative calories. You’re starving your body.

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As far as calories go, I think you’re fine. If this is a short term plan to reach a specific goal, it is healthy. But long term your body would really rather have more variety, obtained by eating “from the rainbow” of fruits and vegetables, supplying rich antioxidants and flavonoids.

A very good book, imo, on nutrition is Eat To Live, by Joel Fuhrman. It was originally published quite some time ago, but I think he really hit the mark with his guidelines on eating nutrient dense foods.

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Based off what you said you are taking in plenty of protein from animals. You can sub any of those meats for black beans/lentils/kidney beans/etc and your body will absorb the same amount of protein.

Also in between for snacks, try adding banana (potassium) an orange, some grapes or figs all throughout the day for snacks.

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GREENS, lettuce does nothing for you nutrient-wise!!! Try spinach greens at least please.

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Not enough food. I remember in your last question you said you wanted to see immediate results by not eating. That’s what you’ll get eating like this – quick results. What you won’t get is permanent results. As soon as you start eating like a normal person again, you’ll gain it all back (and then some, probably). This is not a sustainable diet.

Have you added up the calories that you’re eating? I’m not going to bother telling you how many calories your body naturally burns or how many you should be eating to lose weight because I already did that and you rejected it. If you’re just going to starve yourself no matter what anyone says, why ask the question here? If you’re looking for everyone to say, “OMG, that’s an awesome diet! Perfectly healthy and nutritious! You rock!” then you came to the wrong site. Fluther is where you get the truth, not what you want to hear. Confirmation bias is a bitch, and it sucks that some people that have already answered actually think this is healthy. Those answers will surely outweigh mine in the end.

@mowens That 1200 calorie rule applies to both men and women. Unless you are a tiny, petite, 4’11” 90 lb thing, it is unhealthy to go under 1200 net calories per day. In fact, that is still very low for men, especially men that are the OP’s size. 1500 calories would be a better lower limit for him.

For what it’s worth…

2 eggs – 160 calories
2 pieces of bread – 160 calories
lettuce – negligible calories

2 thin slices turkey – 50 calories
1 slice cheese – 60 calories
lettuce – negligible calories
tomato and pickle – 25 calories

salad – 150 calories (I’m being generous)
3 oz chicken breast – 150 calories

That’s 320 for breakfast (not enough), 135 calories for lunch (what?!), and 300 calories for dinner (yikes!). That means he’s eating less than 800 calories per day. Walking three miles a day probably burns about 150–200 calories, depending on his speed. So, his net calories would be around 600–650 calories. That’s not enough enough for a tiny woman, by about half. Bad bad bad!

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The biggest problem here, is that your body will go in to starvation mode. I believe the sceintfic term is ketosis. This is bad for several reasons, but basically your body will hold on to whatever it can.

When you do your 3 mile walk – it burns calories. This must be subtracted from whatever calories you consume throughout the day.

The problem with burning calories when you don’t consume enough is that your body first will eventually use energy stored in your fat… when it runs out of fat, it attempts to burn the energy stored in the muscle. Why is this bad?

Your heart is a muscle. It cannot take a lot of this kind of abuse.

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How quickly are you loosing weight? Loosing more than a couple pounds a week is probably too much.

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I started my diet on December 4th when I weighed 212 lbs. As of this morning, I weigh 197.2. What I really want to lose is my stomach. I look fairly thin bodywise, but my stomach (completely relaxed) measures 43 inches. So far I have lost 2 inches on my waistline. I really don’t need to lose weight anywhere else on my body, but I surely am. I’m guessing there is nothing I can do about that.

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@SSS911 Wow, 15 lbs in one month is not healthy. That’s nearly 4 lbs per week. You’re ruining your body, not making it better. What’s the point of being thin if you’re less healthy than you were before you lost the weight? STOP IT!

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No, its not healthy IMHO.

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Seems like not enough carbohydrates.

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Why not get some help from your doctor and get some tests run. Blood work can show if you are deficient in some of the most concerning vitamins and minerals. Problem with losing weight is sometimes the cut in calories reduces our necessary nutrient intake. On your diet I would have high cholesterol, because of the amount of animal protein, but my body has a cholesterol problem, other people don’t have that problem. The doctor can test your iron, B12, and some others. I don’t mean go running into him, but next time you are there you can run some extra tests. Some doctors are more apt to do that sort of testing, some aren’t.

@KNOWITALL Actually romaine lettuce is very healthy and has a lot of nutrients. Just a little info for you that I think might interest you; I’m not trying to correct you. It has a lot of protein, calcium, iron, here is a link if you are interested. We don’t know what lettuce the OP is using. Not that I am saying spinach wasn’t a good suggestion, in my book spinach is a superfood. Except that it has more pesticides now just like kale because it is in higher demand now.

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Instead of just “winging it” as you have been, why not choose one which is top-rated according to a panel of Medical and health experts ?

Check out a complete list at the link below.

Both the DASH diet and the Mayo Clinic diet are sensible, well balanced and have the approval of the medical community behind them. They’re in the top three.

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