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Can we replace the 4 letter F word with a 7 letter F word?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 28th, 2008

ie. What the Fluther have you been doing? Who the Fluther do you think you are? Go and Fluther somebody else! Fluther you, I’m done with you!! Who have you been Fluthering lately?

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Sorry Ed. cute but dumb.

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This is a stupid question.

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It could be stupid but entertaining

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in fact most comedians just talk BS but they get paid to do this

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Don’t quit your day job, ha ha!

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I am guilty of already having done this, but only in the confines of jellyfish tank.

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Tell a girl you want to Fluther her, and let me know how that went.

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@lefteh wow! dude…....
@scamp Believe me I’ve never considered becoming a comedian

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Oh smurf! That’s the smurfiest idea I’ve ever heard!

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I actually saw this happen a few weeks ago. A professional speaker before a large group took a question from her audience and the man she called on mentioned she had just use the F word, and she was stunned for a moment until he explained he meant failure.

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What the frack?

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four letter f word replaced with seven letters, sure – FREE+BEE therefore freebee, oh umm wait a minute…. It already exits, but could be utilized far more than just free :-) je je yeah that’s it. To the rude & dirty minded thinking of a diff four letter word, shame shame on you.

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@edmartin: ”@lefteh wow! dudeā€¦....”

…I have no idea what that means.

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I’m just vocalizing your remark: “Tell a girl you want to Fluther her, and let me know how that went”

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Then perhaps it’s worth it after all.

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