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Does anyone really need this?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34606points) January 7th, 2014

I just saw this device, Smart Egg Tray Minder, for sale at an electronic gadget company.
Here is a brief description:
“The Egg Minder features a built-in Wi-Fi chip to allow it to sync up to your smart device via the Wink app. Once paired… you can… open the app from anywhere to view how many eggs you have. This… is very convenient but the Egg Minder can still do more. to each egg is an LED light that will alert you to which egg of the bunch is the oldest and should be used next and when that egg is removed from the Egg Minder the next oldest will be indicated and so on.”
Really? Is this really a first world problem that needs solving?
I’d be ashamed to have that device in my refrigerator. It seems to be for someone with more money than brains. Maybe I am missing something.
How about you? Is this something you’ve been waiting for?

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Maybe it can be modified to work with beer, instead? Or chips! Imagine being able to look inside a bag of nacho chips, for example – or better yet, not having to look into the bag, but looking on your computer monitor! to see which chip was in the most danger of going stale, so that you could be sure to eat that one first.

I don’t know, though. It’s a reach. I’m with you on this, I think.

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^ I think you’re on to something with the beer thing. It’s at least one surefire way to know your roommate isn’t refilling the fridge from the front instead of using standard beer-fridge rotation technique.

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In reality, this would be good for people who raise their own chickens, and bring in 4–6 eggs a day, and don’t necessarily use them all at once.

I don’t know why it needs WiFi, though. $70 is really dear. Can’t they just have three LEDs, green, yellow, and red? Green – good for poaching, red – best to hard boil?

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Wow, just what the fuck did pioneers do back when electricity and satellites didn’t exist? Those poor bastards.

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^ Died of cholera. Duh. Do you see any pioneers alive today? No. Why? they all DIED because they didn’t have wifi egg cartons!

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Damn chicken abortions, killing the founding fathers and all.

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Oh gods, this site is hilarious.

I’m ordering the catalogue.

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I love the iPhone garage door opener.

Oh noes! My phone died! I can’t get in my house!!!!!

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So all these things are related to smartphones? Some of this shit is just bizarre.

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It mostly seems to be really lazy, high tech ways to accomplish ridiculously mundane tasks.

Like the motion-activated dry cereal dispenser, or the $200 automatic dog water dispenser (pre-set the rations!)

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Cereal dispenser…? How does this work? I don’t know, I thought putting the cereal in the bowl by tilting and lightly shaking the box was ok.

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No! You MUST try the automagical Cereal Dispenser! It uses High-Tech Toilet Flusher technology to drop pre-determined portions of Choco Frosties directly into your Breakfast Receiver.

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The US is a gadget nation, they have to invent high-tech gadgets to part people of their old fashion money.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I…I give in…must have breakfast receiver.

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No wonder people in other countries think Americans are dumb.
I think I’ll have some cereal. Oh, how will I dispense it?

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This looks like the kind of thing that the guys on “Big Bang Theory” would think is incredibly cool and be showing it off to their friends.

Or maybe someone like Woz might find it interesting for about a minute and a half.

But I noticed its from Quirky and I guess the guy in charge decided it was worth taking a flyer on.

But there are far more truly useful items from them that REALLY are worth the attention and money.

One example is here:

I’d buy a boatload of these long before I’d consider wasting 70 bucks to keep track of my eggs.


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@Buttonstc That is a neat setup but… I can’t recall ever needing to “turn something on from anywhere”. When I travel, I have a couple of lights on timers that have been working perfectly for 30 years. If I need to turn on my stereo I just turn it on. I don’t need to do it before I get home. The thermostats in my house are common programmable 4 settings per day, weekday/weekend that have been working perfectly for 15 years.
I have a hot pot that turns on with its own timer so I have water boiling for tea when I get up. What else do I need? Now, if someone comes up with a neat method to load my wood burning stove automatically then I might be interested. But then I’d have to look somewhere else for exercise. Nah. I don’t need it.
This is my paranoia but I don’t like the idea of connecting everything to the internet. I figure once connected someone somewhere is recording every adjustment I make to the device “to enhance the user experience”. Nope. My experience is already enhanced enough, thank you very much.
I’m not sure where that egg minder is made, but I envision a bunch of Chinese working for slave wages wondering why Americans are so stupid they cannot remember to buy eggs when needed.

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When I first began reading your response to me i thought you were referring to the Pivot Power strip which I linked to.

But then I realized we are in complete agreement about that stupid egg thing :)

But that configurable power strip IS genius. Right now I have things I can’t plug in because they’re too bulky and take up two spaces on a traditional power strip. If I could just move one out of the way a little….


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