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Have you been around the block? Is this not your first rodeo? Do you know your ass from your elbow?

Asked by cookieman (34970points) January 7th, 2014 from iPhone

Feel free to elaborate.

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I’ve experienced a lot and learned much from others.

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I’ve been in enough relationships that ended badly to know what to avoid, and what not to accept or put up with.

I think I know enough about life and science not to buy into conspiracy theories or myths or fairy tales.

I’ve met enough bullshitters in my life to figure out, finally at age 50, to know when someone is bullshitting me.

I can spot a troll at 10 paces.

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I keep trying to think of something I could post to this, but I can’t find anything meaningful, so no.

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@KNOWITALL: Care to be a bit more specific?

@Kardamom: Now that’s the idea. Great answer, and some good points.

@Symbeline: Perhaps about dragons, or some such?

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@cookieman I’ve just been through a lot of incarnations thus far. Holy roler, farm girl, gangbanger, party girl, etc…

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@KNOWITALL: I see. This is why you are so interesting. Given the choice (and a time machine), would you have preferred a more singular existence?

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@cookieman Absolutely, I was born a little too late to be completely happy at this point in time. Think mid-late 1800’s, quieter, simpler, that’s my kind of thing…lol

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I know where my towel is.

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I have been here and there once or twice. Being a military wife for forty years would qualify as knowing my elbow, I believe.

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