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Why are raincoats yellow?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) June 28th, 2008

I know they come in other colors but the traditional color is yellow and it is generally what comes to mind when you think of a raincoat.

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I guess so people and cars can see you easier, because it’s raining and foggy.

I like to think raincoats are yellow because that is the color of the sun. When you wear one, you are wishing that the sun would come back, and the rain go away.

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Yellow raincoats have been around longer than cars, but I’d think it was for safety reasons. The classic image of a ship captain in a yellow raincoat with a pipe comes to mind. On the open sea at night yellow just might come in handy.

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Rain slickers were made popular on ships. They’re a bright color because they’re easier to see in a storm or other crisis.

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@susanc Nope, crisis. That clause is singular, not plural. Your way, it would need to read, ” storms or other crises.”

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Because then the following yo moma joke would be nothing less than mediocre.
“Yo moma is so fat that when it rains everybody thinks shes a school bus”.
Make that less than semi-mediocre.

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Yellow raincoats have been around far longer than yo’ momma jokes.

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@ beast
Yo’ momma have been around far longer than green money.

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I doubt it. The United States government started printing paper currency in 1862. My mother was born over 100 years after that.

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ya the ship thing makes the most sense.

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It’s uplifting of course!

Reminds us of the sun

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