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Who keeps calling me? Nobody is on the other end of the line. See details.

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 7th, 2014

My 800 line is getting calls at all hours. As always when I am awake (before the stupid phone rings) and can answer it before voicemail picks it up, there is nobody there. No message is ever left when voicemail gets it.

The phone rang at 4:14 AM yesterday morning. Caller ID showed the call was from Unknown at 202–681—####. When I call it, I get Google voicemail and messages I leave go unreturned. It rang this morning at 7:49 AM. I was expecting a call from the plumber, but the ID showed Unknown at 202–556—####. I answered, but again nobody was on the other end. It doesn’t sound like anyone even hangs up. The line is just dead. Not even a dial tone. Calling it goes immediately to Google Voice voicemail, and nobody calls back. At 2:23 AM 2 days ago, it was 440–879-2594. Calling that number today, it reports as not in service. What the heck is going on. It’s daily now, several times a day. I’ve turned the ring tone off till I can figure out how to stop it.

Is anyone else having this sort of phone irritation? Anyone know why it’s happening? Is there a technology solution that will disconnect the 800 line from the phone after hours, letting any calls go straight to Verizon voicemail? I hate to keep the ringer turned off because it’s all too easy to miss important business calls during the day.

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