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What are your cultural expectations of 24-year-old female?

Asked by Lempute (66points) January 8th, 2014

what is the first idea that comes to your mind when you think about what a 24-year-old girl/woman/female should be doing at the moment in her life (both at the moment or in her life).
Please type in your cultural background (and age if you want) with the answer.
The goal is to collect material for a research about cultural expectations towards people. The bigger the diversity of cultural backgrounds the better.
e.g. “Lithuanian here (or Eastern European). 24-year-old girl is expected to watch a tv with her husband and second child in their newly inherited from relatives flat.”
No judgments, it’s about first associations you get when you think about the image of a 24yearold female in your head in your culture/country/traditions/city/village/island/etc. The image shouldn’t be what you believe it should be inna good world but what the reality is around you. It’s important no to overthink a lot. All answers are good answers. It’s a personal research. You won’t gonna hurt the world by giving a subjective opinion :)

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USA, 60ish female – 24 year old might be sharing an apartment in a city with friends or a boyfriend and working at her first post-college career job.

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I’d just want her to be open minded, willing to go to museums, art exhibits, music, etc. She doesn’t have to be a wiz that knows everything about the subject, but please be willing to take in different experiences.

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I’m a 28 year old American male.

I’m assuming you’re referring to an American woman? If so I’d assume she’s going to college or just got out out and is either living with her parents while working or looking for work. Or, she’d live with multiple roommates while working or looking for a job.

As far as her hobbies etc, that’s pretty vague because she could be into anything from bird watching to becoming a distinguished saxophonist lol.

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High school diploma, learners permit, living at home o.k. until 35. part time job at a Mc Job.

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60ish female USA. Anything she wants. The world is her oyster.

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Welcome to Fluther.

As a 60-year-old white American male (and wondering what your cultural expectations of me might be), I have enough experience with the wider world that I leave most expectations for others at the door. I’ve met young women in this age group who have had several children – sometimes by a single man to whom they’ve been married for 7 years or so, and sometimes multiple men and none of them husbands; I’ve known young women to just be finishing university, others to have graduated high school and gone into waitressing and other jobs that don’t require post-secondary education. I also know one who started as an entrepreneur at that age and is now in her fourth year of doing business successfully. In India, I have known of 24-year-old women to be middle-aged (literally), since they may not live into their 50s.

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Well, I have a bunch of female friends that were once 24. Most are in their 30’s now.

Most of them were fucking around (like I was at that age) and figuring out what they wanted to do. Most have degrees now. They just needed some time to figure things out. My sample size is about ten but 90% of my female friends that got a four year degrees didn’t get pregnant.

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71 year old grandmother. Of the three women I have personal knowledge of, two are working at a minimum wage jobs, living in a shared home with others and one is living with her boyfriend. None finished college and one didn’t even finish high school.

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I imagine Brett from The Sun Also Rises

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I’m in my 40’s, from the United States.

I would hope she graduated from college and now either is in graduate school or works full time. If she didn’t go to college, hopefully she aspires to one day. She may live in her own apartment or with her parents. She probably goes out with groups of friends on weekends and takes occasional trips with family or friends.

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I’m 58, white male living in a suburb of San Francisco.

The first image that comes to mind:

A 24 year old woman would be a college graduate in her first full time career job, dating, maybe with one committed boyfriend. Lives in a large city with an active social life, physically active. Still goes home, no matter how far, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not Easter.

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40 yr old female, Missouri. Serious relationship, self-sufficient, finding her voice & place in the world. Voting!

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Hi! And welcome to Fluther.

We’re not exactly a prime sample body. We’re mostly higher-intelligent, liberal-leaning, American and European adults – though there are some exceptions in all cases.

But hey.

28 year old, female, United States (born Northeastern, live in the South)

I project no cultural expectations on anyone. Particularly in my area, there is great cultural diversity.

At 24, I was married with a 2 year old, we had just lost our house, and my husband and I were heavily engrossed in an out-and-out battle with my housemate, who insisted on poisoning my vegetable garden.

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Living, learning, loving, looking out for herself and her own interests and maybe even helping out where she can. The point is she should be content with what she is doing and leading herself under the guidance of older and respected people around her.

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51 year old female, mostly S.African background, but also British and Canadian (backgrounds).

I expect a 24 year old female to be finishing her college degree and planning a career. (Possibly as most females I know/knew are doing just that). Education is very important in S.Africa with many pursuing more than one degree.

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26/ f/ US

At that (very recent) age, my friends and I were at all different stages of life. A few of us dropped out of college, or never went. A few of those started working right away, and others floated around from one part-time job to another, working a few hours here and there, taking a few college credits here and there, and living with roommates or parents. Others were graduating college and entering the workforce or going after advanced degrees.

At that age, almost none of us were totally financially independent. For the friends who were in school, they might have student loans for the tuition, but their parents were paying for stuff like rent, food, and transportation. One woman I know just bought a condo, but her parents supplied the down payment. On the other hand, a few of us were taking care of ill/ elderly relatives, or already having children.

The running theme that I noticed was that everyone was still figuring out what they wanted from life, and a feeling of our options still being completely open. One of my close friends called it our “side-salad days” (because that’s all we could afford.) For instance, at age 23 I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. At age 24, I tentatively picked a direction and started taking steps toward it. Now I have a solid foothold in that career.

Otherwise, I’d expect a 24-year-old woman to be culturally literate, and (usually) to have progressive values. There are always exceptions, but that describes most of the women that age that I’ve met.

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(45 year old woman from Midwest, USA)
All that comes to mind for me is to have a job and to have moved out on her own.

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Emotionally cold and distant. Proficient in hand to hand combat, various short and long bladed weapons, silenced firearms, acrobatics, concealment, psychological warfare, as well as cooking and flower arrangement.

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@ragingloli Is that your expectation or your ideal woman? :-)

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19-year old woman, Denmark.
She should be trying out life, see what she likes. Maybe travel if she has money. Maybe university. She should have an open mind because the world is magical.

Personally, I have no expectations.

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