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Does Dr. J not want Christmas to be over yet? Can we replace his Santa hat with a winter ski cap and the candy cane with ski poles?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20074points) January 8th, 2014
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Sure, do you know anyone who can program in Python?

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@talljasperman nope, I was hoping someone would!

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I knew it! Just as I predicted. Oh well. I appreciated the décor anyway.

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Noooo, don’t get me wrong, it was festive and cute, but let’s try something else!

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I had just noticed that too, I think he loves Christmas? Mind you, my tree is still up:(

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Maybe Dr J is very Catholic and is waiting the full 40 days until Candlemas.

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I’ve been super busy… I’ll try to get to it this weekend.

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@ben :: congrats on launching Jelly. But this is super horrible for getting me to want to try it. It reads like marketing bullshit that is vertically integrated.

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I want to try it but apparently it doesn’t like my phone. Boo.

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Give him a Viking helmet.

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I’m in! Let’s do it!

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He’s a Jelly. I’m voting for a relaxing, post-holiday beach motif. Aren’t we international? Rio, baby.

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I made this last year for the hell of it.


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@ibstubro Rio sounds exotic! Also sounds like there would be a lot of mosquitoes… Hey, lets meet up on a private island in the Pacific or something! It’ll be all 007 and stuff!

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Yes, we should break out in a synchronized swimming routine! Esther Williams was so hot! What happened to women now a days?

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imagine the synchronized swimming Jellies could do!

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It would be epic! We need the right theme music…

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I still have my tree up. Just sayin’.

Another vote for the Viking hat.

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Thanks @ben, you don’t have work this weekend if you don’t have time.

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Dr. J has two modes; Christmas and Not Christmas.

He’s a one holiday Jelly.

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Woah now that the décor is gone he looks so naked.

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@dxs Haha! I actually thought the same thing.

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I think he looks better. Fluther can stand above all the hokey holiday decor.

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