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Why don't spammers bother to come up with something new?

Asked by DWW25921 (6398points) January 9th, 2014

I mean come on. Try to be a little more creative. I suppose it’s because they have a system that works… on other sites. Than they come here and get FLUTHERIZED!!!! (That sounds so dramatic!)

Did I just make up a Fluther inside joke? I digress…

Let me reword this to include more diversity in the answers…

What’s the most obnoxious case of spam you’ve come across and what did you do about it?

With me it really depends on my mood. If I’m tired and they’re clever I may not “get it” at first and just answer the question. This rarely happens but when it does it irritates me to no end and when I figure it out I report them. Other times I’ve been known to play along out of sheer boredom. Just today I gave advice about what they should do instead. I mean, Q&A sites are not effective advertising tools even if the question stays there.

Ultimately, a company wants positive feedback and traffic generated by word of mouth advertising. In my opinion, that’s the most valuable kind. As in, it means more to have your friend recommend something than it does if you see an add somewhere.

Example: When Amazons Q&A site was starting to go down hill I noticed a lot of folks mentioning they were coming here. So, I came here too as it was recommended by a bunch of folks. Maybe it’s a “follow the crowd” mentality but it works.

Besides, I come here to escape and think about other things. I’ve been working on my stupid stores all day the last thing I want to do is discuss them here too… when I’m trying to unwind a bit. I rather do enjoy the discourse. Good times.

I think the problem with spammers is that they lack the capacity to disconnect. It’s like they have to keep going… They try to hard and shoot themselves in the foot by not focusing on the things that work. Their entire online persona becomes this thing they’re promoting and they loose their own humanity in the shuffle. Damn, that’s deep.

Anyway, just a few points to ponder. I rambled on a bit but you get the general idea. I may just share this question with the next one that I come across.

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Best part is that Google doesn’t like spam shit since Panda. They are so aggressive companies are now emailing sites to get the spam comments deleted.

I can’t do anything but giggle and pee all over myself. FUCK OFF SEO SCUM.

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@johnpowell You’re right, it is annoying! What I don’t get is that there is a plethora of legit ways to get the word out. Why risk getting your site ignored? Google will make a site disappear if it gets to many complaints! that’s a good article, by the way.

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This is what happens when you piss off Google. They had friends inside google so it got fixed fast.

Fluther didn’t have friends and got fucked hard by Google.

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@johnpowell Your first link came up as an error but I got the point with the second! Wow! No kidding!

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fixed first link. The URL parsing here doesn’t like HTTPS. Should be fixed now.

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That’s pretty dramatic! I think Fluther and I need to put Google on our Christmas card list… Give the teacher an apple, ya know?

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Fluther got totally fucked. There was no reason for Google to punish them that I know of. Getting screwed by google made them have to pay Lisa less and that fucked up her life.

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I suppose it’s about the friends you’ve got. Like you mentioned above. You know, I’ve known for a while that Google can be a bit random and even volatile. I was part of a web site last summer that crashed and burned because it rubbed Google the wrong way. Ever hear of Didn’t think so. It’s gone. Sometimes keeping your friends close and your enemies closer is a good idea. I have several Google accounts and they’re in good standing…

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I deleted my google account a few months ago. It was surprisingly hard. For search Not great but good enough.

Email is now 10 dollars a year with…. I spend more on pot.

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Because the old stuff is still fooling 1 out of 100 and mass emails are cheap.

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