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Controlling/childish to move out with boyfriend?

Asked by Shizuko (10points) January 9th, 2014

Okay firstly..I’m 19 turning 20 on February 20th (yes lol). Second born from my other 3 siblings. I’ve been through a lot with my parents. Long story short, they interfered with my relationships. Most of them broke up with me because of them.

Mom: manipulative, quick tempered, childish at times
Stepdad: Childish, loud and irritating, controlling, likes to argue, clean freak, lazy but does what he wants..

My biological father I talk to at times, he’s more understanding and has talked to me..he lives in another state with his wife..

My big sister Ive talked to knows how my parents are and angry with them..and shes someone I can talk to..but I cant move in with her and her hubby..small studio apartment.

They put parental controls on my computer, I don’t go out as much cause I don’t really have friends to hang with (besides my best friend across the street) but they want me home some hours later and make a fuss when I come home an hour late. They don’t give me a key for the house and wait for me to get home, see no logic in that.. I envy my friend for having understanding parents,letting her go and come back as she please but also not spoiling her.

One time, referring back to one of my previous relationships, ran away and stayed with him a while cause they got really peeved that I stayed at house to hangout, lied and told them he was a friend till they looked at my texts. forbidden me to not see him again when they found out I was dating him..they are quick to judge someone. They never sat down to get to know the guy but made fun of his looks and said he could be a psychopath?

My mom is forcing pills on me and making me see a psychiatrist guy who is a total jerk. Cant believe what he said, he’s worst than my controlling parents, wow. originally wanted to get me to have a disability check. But I don’t have a disability. That time I had a breakdown because my parents were yelling at me, calling me stupid and stuff. Sent me to a mental place, seen terrible things there.

Got so depressed staying here, wanting to go back to smoking and trying not to self harm again. Haven’t been eating as much, but my pets at time keep me company/going.parents can be nice sometimes but..back to what they were. current caring/understanding boyfriend, (lives in Iowa, I’m in Illinois) in the spring time. I planned on moving in with him and his best friend, but not sure how to go with my parents will try to make me stay. I’ll miss my dog, they wouldn’t let me take him since they bought him and I have no say in anything..

My mom has my social security, saying if I don’t ’‘get better’’ I wont be able to work anyway. & that if I don’t take my pills the doctor, psychiatrist person.. can throw me in a hospital where they make me take the pills that I don’t need. (btw she takes meds too, for high blood pressure though.) Help?

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