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How do you celebrate an awkward wedding anniversary?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) June 28th, 2008

you know you love each other, but you just did something stupid and now the day is, well, uneventful.

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Apologies and romance? (Or is it worse than that?)

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If it’s a special one (1, 5, 10, 25, 50) then you really should try to make it better. Otherwise, just stay off her nerves.

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@elcho: LOL. just might work.

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Someone recently gave me a picture of me and my spouse as a young engaged couple. It was very evocative. Perhaps if you put together some memories from better times (pictures in a montage), you and your partner will be reminded of why you got together.

Remember you are celebrating the anniversary of your decision to publicly commit to each other not just what is going on now. Perhaps the anniversary can be a springboard for reconnecting and strengthening your bond.

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Funny, I just pretty much had exactly the same situation. We wound up splitting a bottle of wine and talking all night. I think it helped.

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maybe if you do something nice together she’ll forget and move on, or it will help her forget. hopefully she’s not the grudge holding type. maybe you might do a little extra above and beyond to have a nice day or evening or whatever. did you apologize?

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propose again on your knees

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Everybody does stupid things…..especially me… are not alone…..all you have to do is forget about it and move on, sincerely apologize and make it up with a nice gate away at a resort or some place in the middle of nowhere, a special place to remember your anniversary. Pictures will show how happy you were in that occasion, the stupidity will soon be forgotten and once you have kids, both of you will just talk about the good things you did together.

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@charliecompany34 So what happened?

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hey marina! well, about a week before the date, i pitched my cell phone to the ground in a momentary lapse of good judgment. she wasnt amused, but thanks to your advice i wiggled out of this one eventually.

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Blame them by saying, “See what you married!” (unless they wouldn’t be amused) in which case they are sensitive and sincere, then you say.

“You know, I’m not as sensitive as I’d like to be sometimes. And right now, I’m feeling sensitive to the records we’re breaking every day in our relationship. Could I get a Do Over?”

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Apologize for whatever you think the stupid thing was and talk together about what would be nice to do. My ex and I didn’t have the most conventional marriage but we always enjoyed to celebrate our anniversaries. It was usually a dinner, some champagne at home and a gift exchange. We were both big gift people and loved pretty much any opportunity to present things we’d been running into and thought the other person would like.

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