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How to get the up and down scrolling arrows back on my PC?

Asked by Kardamom (28244points) January 9th, 2014

Right now, I have the scrolling bar, used to move up and down on a website page, but for some reason the up and down arrows have disappeared.

This morning when I went to look at my computer (a Dell laptop) I noticed that I was not connected to the internet. When I clicked on the little icon that looks like bars, that shows you how much of a connection you have, it said that there were not connections available.

I re-started my computer, but that didn’t help. Then I reset the modum and clicked on the icon again. It said to push the button on my computer that provides wifi access (the icon with the little A-shaped electric tower, F2) and that solved the internet connection problem. Unfortunately, when I re-started the computer, it left me with no up and down scroll buttons.

Did I accidentally delete them? How do I get them back?

Thanks to all of you computer whizzes, in advance : )

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I’m not following. But you could provide details that might help: what OS and what browser?

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Did you know that in most browsers in Windows, all you need to do is hit the space bar to move down one page? (Obviously, not while you’re filling a form or otherwise engaged in “data input” – such as in the Fluther answer window, for example.) And to move back up one page, hit Shift-spacebar.

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@tom_g I’m using Windows 7 and Google Chrome.

@CWOTUS Good to know. I’m just more used to using the arrows on the side scroll bar, which make for a slighter, less jumpy movements on a page.

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Windows 7 and Google Chrome here too. Mine are gone today as well. Google’s idea of improved UI is less is more. I’m guessing they ditched them.

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@ETpro They just went away and they’re gone forever??? That’s crazy! It’s kind of a pain in the arse to use the scroll bar only, your wrist starts to get sore, and the space bar and arrow buttons don’t allow for precise control : (

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You can click the top or bottom of the scroll bar and get an aproximation of what the up and down arrows used to do, but the motion is much more gross than the arrows were. I miss them to. I’ll probably go back to using FF more. I already do use it exclusively for evaluating coding of web pages. It’s Firebug add on is a life saver.

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@ETpro Thanks, but weeping.

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I’m guessing that you don’t have a mouse with a wheel on it, then, which generally does the same thing. (I also have Chrome, but I still have the arrows you’re missing. I’d be happy to give you mine, since I never use them.)

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@CWOTUS Guess again.

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I don’t have a mouse at all, only the touchpad on my laptop.

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You don’t use the touchpad to scroll?

I just read reports of this happening to people going back 6 months, and it so appeared to be a bug. I just checked my Chrome on Win7. I don’t use the arrows or scrollbar because of my touchpad, but they are still there. I will see what else I can find.

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@tom_g I’d very much appreciate hearing about what you learn. I rely on those arrow scrollers for some of the graphics work I do.

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Still can’t make sense of this. From digging through google product forums – including those with Google responses, I am still unsure. It’s either….

a) a bug
b) a feature – Google has intentionally removed them in hopes to become more like Apple (since they know what is best for you crap).

It seems likely that these are of equal probability. However, there is still the issue of why I still have scrollbar arrows. There has been talk in these forums that a small subset of people running the stable channel (there are various channels you get be in with Chrome) are getting new features pushed. So, it’s possible that you two might be 2 of the “lucky” ones. I can’t confirm.

I won’t assume which is correct just yet. But if Google has decided to remove the arrows because so few people use them, it would be one more “well then why the hell should I hate Apple again?” moments that Google is becoming comfortable with lately.

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@tom_g I use my touchpad, but all that does is move the cursor arrow around, and until 2 days ago, I would move the cursor over to the up and down scroll buttons to move around on a page. Is there something I should know about the touchpad that I’m not using properly?

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^On my notebook(s), scrolling is done by two finger swiping on touch pad. You can also drag a single finger along the right edge of track pad, but I don’t use this.

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The latest version of Chrome (32 or 33) had a bug. You didn’t do anything – Chrome screwed up.

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How do we “unbug” the bug? I have this problem now, too, and just downloaded Chrome.

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I’m glad I found this question. I’ve had the same problem for a few days now and it’s irritating. I want my arrows back.

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My cousin gave me some good advice:

Google eliminated the arrow button and will eventually eliminate the scroll bar completely because new computers are coming with touchscreens. But not yet, right. So if you are using Chrome as your browser then I found a fix. Install this extension.… It allows you to customize your scroll bar. So once you add it to Chrome you’ll have to customize. A new webpage will pop up. It’s the developers webpage. Scroll to the bottom and click “show buttons” then your arrows will appear on the scroll bar. If you don’t use chrome then I’m sure there is a similar extension for what ever browser you do use. Just Google “how do I get my scroll bar arrows back in XXXXXX”. I know that Apple has also eliminated the arrows for the same reason.

Decorate your scrollbars.

I tried this and it worked, only my up and down arrows look like squares, but they function just like the arrows did, regarding scrolling. Hope this helps.

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