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Have you ever done something so strange that folks questioned your sanity?

Asked by DWW25921 (6463points) January 9th, 2014

I was really, really thirsty. Trouble is I was in a school that didn’t allow beverages and I had a nice cold Pepsi in my bag. Man, it was killing me. So the teacher was rambling on with his back turned towards the class and I was in the back so I made my move! I made a sniffling noise so no one would know I had opened the can and started guzzling! It was just what I needed! When I was done I looked around and the ENTIRE class was glaring at me as I suppose my over enthusiastic guzzling caused somewhat of a disturbance…

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When we were young and dumb we’d do a thing we called ‘freak out’, which is basically hanging your upper torso out of the vehicle on the highway and acting like you’re having a seizure. It was stupid but fun.

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We grew up trying all kinds of strange insane things. We were extremely lucky we never killed one or all of us.

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Yes, but I was sick and didn’t know it. My sanity WAS in question.

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Only when I get extremely stressed out, so don’t push me.

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I’ve been told that I get pretty nutty when trying to quit smoking. I cannot confirm. It’s all a blur.

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I suppose some questioned my sanity when I was 19 and hitchhiked to NYC from SC. It was pretty crazy even on reflection all these years later.

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@gailcalled Fair Enough…

@KNOWITALL You used to be fun! :)

@Adirondackwannabe Funny how death has a way of ruining a fun idea… see @KNOWITALL ‘s response…

@Dutchess_III Playing the blame card than? I can dig it.

@SQUEEKY2 Intimidation is not necessary, I already fear you.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies That’s the worst! I get crazy cranky without my coffin nails…

@VS Well.. what could possibly go wrong with that solid plan? yikes!

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I deliberately ran people over, including cops with their own car, in grand theft auto all while laughing and eating chicken wings.

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Now is not the time or place to discuss the worship of the great God, Cash. There is no time or place for that. There is only to bow down and submit.

How dare you question the profits? Pleas please, be more pay-us in the future.

There. Is that crazy enough. If not, I got more…

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@talljasperman Been there got the T-Shirt.

@ETpro You’re nuts but you know big words so we’ll keep you.

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I am a Psychologist. Who has not questioned a person’s sanity on that basis alone?

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I have found that if you continually do something out of the ordinary that eventually people expect you to. So, the extraordinary becomes the ordinary? And I guess the answer to your question is no, not for me.

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@Dr_Lawrence To you smoke a pipe and have an Austrian accent?

@rojo You’re one of the “normals” than? That’s crazy!

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I have done so very many things, I think it works like a double negative, you know, cancel each other out. If I made a list, it would be so long, Fluther would explode.
Ever jump from vehicle to another doing 50+ MPH?
Make friends with a trained guard dog while it lunges against a logchain to rip out your throat?

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@Jonesn4burgers Never jumped from vehicle to vehicle, but how about passing bottles and other things from vehicle to vehicle at 65 to 70mph on the interstate before and after a concert. Vans with sliding doors.

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Seriously? I thrust myself through the air. Who cares if you lose a BOTTLE? Vans with sliding doors? My target was much smaller than that, the back window of a Tbird.

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The back window of a T-bird? That’s certifiable. And hey, you never lose a bottle at that age. We could have stepped across but that would have been easy.

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taking bows…Thankyou, thankyou very much.

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I bow to your craziness. Do you have kids?

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Yes.I am old enough to be my daughter’s grandmother. Now that I am disabled (from crossing a street), I am way slowed down. She doesn’t know to what extent my daring used to run. She does know that if someone tried to harm her, they’d have to go through me, and that it would be harder than it looks.

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You two should write a book… Just have a conversation and publish it. Damn, good stuff!

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Actually, I’m writing a few books, all fiction. They are waiting for me to learn/understand e – publishing so they can go out to the world. I use bits of my nutzoid life to urge things along. How about you, @Adirondackwannabe, have you published something? I forget who has, who wants to.
@DWW25921 Stick with me kid, you’ll have stories.

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@Jonesn4burgers You want to work on some stuff? I’m game. I’ve never published anything, but I have some experiences that will surprise you.

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We could call it, “Adirondack Burgers” Call Walden books, they’ll publish anything!

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My experiences touch a lot of people outside of myself. That would be a concern. We don’t exist in a vacuum.

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What doesn’t suck, blows…

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Actually, a double autobiography done as a big one-up conversation might be cool. Other people, yes. You don’t have to name names. That’s what disclaimers are for. You say things like, “This total stoner went with me to a gay bar, and the next day he was telling everybody we judged the Miss America contest that night. He was totally clueless.” See, no names.
I think the better title would be Wannabe Jonesn.

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Interesting. :)

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Well one instance where someone actually contacted my family from playing N64, mall riot, in which I tested where or not you could kill a civilian and I Billy clubbed a shopper for a few minutes to expose the weakness in the game. If anyone was knocked unconscious and beaten with a baseball bat for five minutes then naturally they shouldn’t get up and walk away and continue shopping as if nothing was wrong. I was playing in a public arcade and kids were watching. I was enjoying myself to much again.

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@talljasperman that would be funnier if “knockout” wasn’t so popular.

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