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Is too much time and money being spent on appearance?

Asked by ahro0703 (365points) January 9th, 2014

These days, people are using too much time and money to decorate themselves. However, it is understanding that people favor those with better appearance.

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I’m happy to not buy into it. Asking if it’s a ‘want’ or a ‘need’ is a good way to decide.

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Not by me!

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In general? Yes.

Me? I don’t think so.

I try to maintain an acceptable appearance with as little money as possible. For example, instead of visiting a hairdresser in order to get the hair I want, I do it myself. What would cost literally hundreds of dollars a month to maintain, I get with $6 in henna powder and a $2 bottle of lemon juice once every three months or so.

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There is a difference between caring about your appearance and becoming obsessed with it or trying to change it. Or, even seeking youth beyond youths ability. All people should care about their appearance enough to wash their hair, bath, clean there teeth and wear some clean clothes. A big smile also is a great accessory, which is free.

The other ‘stuff’ like surgery that is not needed to enhance oneself to me, is a total waste of time energy and money. Particularly when they are focused on certain body parts. I understand surgery for disfigurement purposes only. It’s true, people rarely see the beauty of a person inside anymore. It’s sad.

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Definitely. It is excessive. Hygiene is okay, but owning 97123126378236424782139723463485962394812734081723657328495238495718732461237491 pairs of shoes is not cool.

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I guess you’re real! Cool beans! I just kind of shower and go. Very low maintenance.

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Given the size of and the choices in the cosmetic, hair and skin product aisles of my local pharmacy, I would say “yes.” 11 cosmetic lines each with 55 different lipstick colors, that’s a lot of lipstick, given that we have only one mouth per person (that is best served with lip balm, anyway.)

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Yes, our fixation with looks and even bigger fixation about aging has brought out many a neurotic monster. I have watched several old friends go for cosmetic “enhancements.”
Not my thing at all.

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Western civilizations have spend too much and given far too much attention to fashion and appearance when people living in poverty could benefit so much more from appropriate attention. Who wants to be the first to shift their focus and make a difference in the world?

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Certainly not on mine. The wife periodically sends me out the door so that my appearance can frighten the local children.

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I don’t think it’s about the money. If you earn your money legally, your paying your bills, and that’s how you choose to spend your cabbage — then so be it. Who are we to criticize?? For all we know, such people could spend equal time and money helping sick children or caring for the elderly.

I think it becomes a problem when your appearance is all you devote your time and energy (and money) too. If it is obsessive and a stand in for a real personality, then sure — red flag.

I’m not going to be holier-than-thou because I’m less concerned with my appearance.

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A couple ladies at work bedaz*led their vajayjays, one bought a makeup line for $500. Way too much.

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It’s not up to me to say what “too much” is for someone else. If they can or can’t afford it, if they want to spend it, if they want to do it, if it makes them feel good, it’s not for me to criticize.

For me, my hair is colored by a great colorist (not “hundreds of dollars per month” but $55 every 5 weeks, it’s cut on a regular basis (about $60 every 10 weeks) I wear makeup (typically drug store brand like L’Oréal) and my looks are an important part of my job. I don’t spend what I feel is too much on them. How could someone else dispute that? It’s not up for discussion with anyone else.

As far as celebs go, they have to compete. If they get old and washed up looking, the market for their services dries up. They do what they have to in order to get work.

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In general? Absolutely.
By me? Yep!

I have to wake up 2 hours before I leave for work in order to shower, do my hair, put on my makeup, and eat breakfast….and breakfast takes less than 5 minutes, if that’s any indication of how long it takes me to get ready. The only time I’ll leave the house without makeup is if I’m going to the gym or a quick run to the store. Makeup is essential because, without it, I’m incredibly plain Jane, which I hate.

I could easily spend $500 on makeup in one trip. I recently spent $70 at E.L.F., where products are only $1–6, and that’s with 50% off. My BB cream, foundation, and concealer come from Clinique, so each product is about $30. I also buy a lot from Sephora and Target. Not to mention hair products, flat irons, and trips to the hair salon ($45 for a dry cut).

I don’t have a whole lot of shoes, though. I have one pair of sneakers, 4 pairs of heels, 2 pairs of flats, and 2 pairs of flip-flops. I’d love to have more, but my husband would have much to say about it. Now that I’m working, I’m sure my shoe and clothing collection will grow exponentially.

Is it too much? Yeah. Will that change? Nah.

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Some do, some don’t, but I don’t think these days is much different from other times.

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my looks are an important part of my job.

@jca makes a good point. If you are in a customer/client facing position, how you look and dress is an important part of the gig.

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^^ I suspect they would cease manufacturing them if they didn’t sell.

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I dunno, personally I while I enjoy looking nice the older I get the more accepting I am of the aging process. I went walking with a friend yesterday who is obsessing on her fading bloom. I tried to tell her that it is all about acceptance and that no amount of exercise is going to firm up the natural effects of aging, thinner skin, less elasticity etc. She is very petite and in good shape but fighting her aging process.

I made the joke about how the time comes where you have to sacrifice your face for your ass, she didn’t seem to appreciate that. lol My face is fine, few wrinkles, nice skin but I need to reduce my ass, she is super fit but wrinkling fast. haha
She keeps making references about how my skin is so much nicer than hers and I told her a lot is genetically related as well.
As a woman I just don’t relate to extreme body neurosis, I’m pretty confident regardless of my looks and am grateful I am not struggling with my aging process other than not liking all the little middle age aches and pains showing up.
I really think it is a shame that so many people are not comfortable in their own skin.

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@cookieman I could and have easily spend a hundred or so on ONE dress. I can also go to Target or Gordman’s and get a dress for less than $50. I have been fairly well off and poor both, so it’s really just a matter of taste and habit imo.

We have at least four women of about 20, including myself, who wear a more clean look which is basically mascara, eyeliner (maybe), lipstick, maybe base and/or finishing powder. We work with the public all the time but this isn’t LA after all, it’s not necessary.

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For some yes but for many no.

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My definition of “too much” would be plastic surgery, liposuction, botox. I do wear makeup to work every day, and color my hair once a month. I used to get my nails done, but the fake nail look is now passe’. I definitely do not spend a fortune on clothes – I shop at Kohl’s and have a perfectly fine wardrobe, rounded out by the occasional piece from Disneyland, or from the sale rack at Wilson’s or Nordstrom’s. Shoes by WalMart and Payless.

To answer your question, YES – there are some who are just ridiculous with the amount of money they spend on their appearance. Then there are others who need to spend a little and get rid of the homeless look. And then there are some who care enough to style their hair, put on a little makeup, and wear cute (although not expensive) clothes. That would be where I fit in.

The sad part is, that those who spend the fortune, don’t look any better than those who don’t. No one knows or cares if your dress cost $50 or $250.

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@Skaggfacemutt I agree. I’m in the same camp, I look nice but don’t need to spend much.
I have a creative flair and it is easy for me to look pretty good on a budget.

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yes, but this shallow materialistic world works on brain washing with the useless media to push the fortune 500 products to tell all of us what we like every season. just be a good sheep and buy and make yourself look like plastic.

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This is why you record the TV shows that you enjoy, to watch later and fast-forward through the commercials. That really stops the brainwashing. Also, don’t read magazines, and never read spam.

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^ Or why you drop your cable and stream the shows you like.

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^^ Yup, DVR and Apple TV FTW

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In general, it’s hard to say whether people are spending more time and money on their physical appearance. It’s a very subjective matter; what’s okay for me might be too much for some. But considering modern commercialism, then perhaps, there’s definitely too many options when it comes to cosmetics, clothing, and beauty these days. There could be two side to this: one, more people are getting into the beauty business; OR two, more folks are discovering the power of cosmetics. Personally, I wear little to no makeup at work. However, I do love getting dolled up for a date or for formal occasions. So for me, I do spend a considerable amount of money on my looks.

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