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Why do people get grossed out thinking about when they imagine their parents making love?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) June 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Is that a cultural thing?

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I think it is because there is a visceral reaction to sexualizing the parent-child bond (an off-shoot if you will of the strong incest taboo, which has a biological imperative) in any way and that includes thinking of one’s parents as sexual beings.

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Because I’m jealous of my father making love to my mom, lolduh.

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I would say its a cultural thing. I hope my parents have a healthy sexual relationship. I believe that is a good thing in a marriage.

On a lighter note. When I was in jr high or early high school my older bro walked in on my parents doing the nasty. Well he then preceded to come directly to my room and inform me of it. I guess he wanted to make me suffer too. Haha

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Because I don’t like to think of my parents (my daddy and mommy who I have good memories with) being sexual with each other.

My family is very reserved and “appropriate” and doesn’t talk about sex. A couple months ago I walked in my parents room and they were watching t.v. They forgot that there was a condom out in the open, though. It was so embarrassing when they realized they had left it out.


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They do what now they told me that the stork brought me. My life was one big lie then.

Curse them

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I think a lot of this is related to how we are raised by our parents. Most parents aren’t over the top affectionate with each other in front of the kids. A hug/small kiss is normal, but they don’t make out in front of their kids do they? Kids grow up thinking that the relationship between the parents is the same as the relationship between the parents and children. When you spend most of your childhood life thinking one thing, it is hard to get used to a totally different aspect of their relationship. In addition most parents also hide the sex from their kids (you don’t have your dad saying stuff like “the other day when me and your mom were making love, the FUNNIEST thing happened….”). They are as embarrassed about it as the kid would be. The whole situation is a form of social conditioning really.

@ elcho and rockstar – i would be mortified if i ever walked in on my parents doing the deed. luckily it has never happened.

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same reason kids get grosed out by thinking of any one older having sex its just weird

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What would you rather their reaction be?

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