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Where could, or would ,a whimsical person fit in?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) January 9th, 2014

In life and in love; where would one thrive?

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The Renaissance Festival circuit.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I tried that, I had fun, when I get into some money, and a ride, I will go again… Clinton BC and Quad war in Marsden, Saskatchewan, in Canada. I used to be a member of Jasper national parks Traitors Gate, in Borealis (Edmonton) .

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Do you think you might enjoy acting? I would think that would be pretty fun. You’d have to have some ability to remember lines and follow cues, but I think that would be very rewarding. I’m not talking about moving to Hollywood, I’m thinking local, community theater. Maybe @Hawaii_jake might be able to give you some advice on this subject.

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@Kardamom Sounds great, I need to put those 10 high school credits to good use.

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Colin – where are you specifically? You can PM me if you like. I’d like to track down something in your area.

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Can you elaborate? What do you mean by whimsical?

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I found mine in the local Corps of Discovery. We each portray a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. I usually take on the role of Private Richard Windsor.

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@Haleth being intellectually inappropriate , Trying to get my psychologist hungry by poetically describing the take out, like the guacamole teen burger, that I had eaten. Also my Herman Avatar about inventing and lazy. It’s an attitude of being a non violent freedom fighter. I got a negative 6500% for an weaving assignment that I took two years to finish with the same teacher, also I got a 236% for vocabulary assignment that I skipped recesses to get that far advanced.

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@talljasperman You would fit RIGHT in at the art school I went to, or probably any quirky, liberal college town. Pretty much everyone there was had their own collection of quirks and eccentricities, but there was this relaxed, easygoing attitude toward all of it. A lot of it comes with being a creative person, but you didn’t have to be creative to hang out with these guys. It was a really heterogeneous group. People were enthusiastic about everything all the time… unless they weren’t. Moping around was just as accepted as being pumped up about every little thing.

The place I’m describing is Richmond, VA, which most people wouldn’t think of as quirky or liberal. It’s the kind of place where people a backyard barbecue segues into a video game tournament, where there is a shitload of cheap craft beer, and where people are nice to you everywhere you go. There are probably hidden enclaves of that all over the place, but the cities that are most known for it are Portland, OR, Austin, TX, and Asheville, NC.

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@Haleth I had the hots for a girl who wore robes to class, she read the same books as I have and she zinged with me… apparently she found me interesting for a week and then we became friends for a short period. She is married and has three kids, so maybe she protected me from herself. I can’t take care of a pet let alone children, and I had years of baggage to deal with, and my being a philosophy major would mean that I would work at a McJobs for 10 years before I got a Ph.D. and a job in a university. I took her absence deeply because In my youth I didn’t know If I could ever find someone like her again. For her I’m probably a dime a dozen so she doesn’t have that kind of impact. In my mind she was perfect and irreplaceable.

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@talljasperman Maybe you meant more to her than you know. It sounds like the life circumstances wouldn’t have worked out, but your friendship with her was still meaningful.

A lot of people are secretly really weird once you get to know them, in a good way.

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