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Lemon flavored vodka for screwdriver?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) January 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Title says it all, I wanna make screw drivers this weekend with Grey Goose. I was wondering if the screw drivers would taste good with lemon flavored (le citron) rather than their l’orange flavor. In case I don’t like the screw drivers I wanna make other things, of which is easier to make with lemon flavor. Thanks y’all!

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I doubt that it would make much discernible difference in a screwdriver. Maybe a little more tart.
The citron would be a nice punch to a Bloody Mary. Personally, I love lemon and think it would be a nice addition to most mixed vodka drinks. Better that the orange.

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I’ve always used regular vodka for screw drivers. I’ve never purchased the orange flavor. Like @ibstubro, I love lemon. I’m sure it would taste fine, but more tart I’d think. I’m just trying to figure out if anything else combines orange and lemon flavors. I can’t think of anything.

Why not just get plain old vodka and call it a day? Flavors can be added later via juice.

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Orange juice, your other ingredient, is so sweet and intense that I don’t think any flavored vodka would have much effect. Unless, you know, you got Dijon-Mustard-flavored vodka, or Seagull, or
Snout. I didn’t say Stout, I said Snout.

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As others mentioned, two citrus flavors might not be noticeable. If you were to use a les similar flavor, you might have an interesting result. For example with vanilla, it might have a sweet creamsicle flavor. I used to drink Orange vodka and cranberry juice – those were yummy.

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Mixing Grey Goose with juice should be a capital offense.

Use Absolut for that kiddie shit.

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I think it will be fine. The orange will just be a little tart. Why not use plain vodka and buy some lemons for the drinks you need the lemon flavor in? I don’t know much about mixing drinks, but it seems to me the real thing should work.

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When Grey Goose started ‘flavoring’ they opened that door, @SecondHandStoke

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Just plain vodka…...straight. Why ruin a good liquor by watering it down with juice. LOL

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If you wanna put a special addition to your screwdriver, add a small amount of Squirt or Mountain Dew. It changes the taste entirely. :)

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