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What if a haircut you had in the 80's made you look your absolute best?

Asked by susanc (16112points) June 28th, 2008

You still have the same face, but the haircut isn’t au courant any more. What to do?

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just might work for me

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I don’t know. Do fetuses have hair?

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You keep rockin that rat tail!

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Depends. Personally, I tend to ignore what’s au courant anyway. Ever since the children around me (at about thirteen years old) started trying to learn and imitate current styles, and reject and ridicule recent past styles, I’ve found the behavior to be annoying, and mainly one of ignorance, intolerance, and lack of creativity, fueled by confusion, panic and/or fear – sheep-like herd behavior.

How about trying to re-invent it as your personal hair style, without reference to the 80’s? You might consult friends and/or a hair stylist to assist.

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My daughter was telling me for years I needed to lose the “Farah do”. She even had a silly little song she used to tease me with. I went to my stylist and told her I wanted an updated look. She suggested some things that were similar to what i was used to but more modern. Now both my daughter and I love my hair! You may want to do the same thing with your stylist. She should have some magazines you could look at to get some ideas.

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I read (oddly enough in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series) that people hold on to dated hairstyles because the style is associated with the time in their life when they felt most alive. In my case, it would be the “preppy mullet with spiked part and shaved sideburns” from the ‘80s.

Anyway, my point is that maybe that’s part of why you like the do. If so, and now being aware of that, does that change your mind at all?

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I’d still sport that do’!!! Who cares if its out of style, because if it made me look my best then it wouldnt look out of style to others?

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I’d be very surprised if there isn’t a modern version of that style you could go for. Realistically all styles that are in now are some sort of retro – and 80’s retro is a very big part of it.
What style are we talking about? An early 80’s wavy do, a mullet, the spiky-on-one-side-long-on-the-other…...? I’d say you can get away with anything but the mullet – that was just never meant to be!

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80s hair was so 80s and there was not muc disgusing that—it looks like 80s style, but I liked it too.

Here is my 80s do. I don’t think I would wear it now, but there are variations of it (as others have said) that would work. So, what style was it? Also, if we are practically being forced to wear 70s colors and patterns (which I didn’t like then), why not 80s hair?

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Go with what works! Is it a mohawk? please say yes

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@knot, it was never a mohawk, as I was already in my 40’s in the 80’s and had immense dignity, lol.
@ marina, it was never like yours because you have Good Hair and I have Bad Hair: thin
and colorless.
@wildflower, YES! it was spikyononesidelongontheother! Not that spiky, though; more just
really short
@kev: well yes, absolutely; but also I found an old photo of myself in about ‘87 and thought I looked really pretty in it
@scampy: my hair guy Eric is working on it with me. (Eric understands me.) @zaku, thanks, Eric and I are doing just what you’re suggesting. He says it will take a few more sessions because some of it has to grow out
@rockstar, oh lord no
@beast, I had no idea you were so young – you write with such authority!

All: when I get it where I want it, I’ll figure out how to post an image. Big love to you all for caring so deeply about this world-changing issue.

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You could try something emo-inspired yes, I know, that particular one is a boy, but the style isn’t all that masculine…

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