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What's the most disturbing media footage you have ever seen?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) January 10th, 2014

I can recall a few, but the footage of the chemical attacks in Syria was quite disturbing. It bothered me when they showed one of child suffering from that attack.

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The collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. Bar none. It disturbs me so much that I’ve never seen more than a few seconds of it at one time.

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I say the same thing. Right after 9/11, media footage was shown of people jumping out of the higher floors like confetti. By the end of the day, they had stopped showing that horrific video, and it was never shown again, thank goodness.

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@ibstubro I tend to agree that still haunts me to this day, in a strange way I don’t like going into skyscrapers anymore.

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Beheadings done by Moslem terrorist.

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@Skaggfacemutt I not disrespectful I am glad they stopped showing those videos.
@JimTurner that was very bad.

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The Republican Party presidential debates.

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Those PETA videos really upset me, but I’ve watched a lot of them for a reason I have yet to figure out. I don’t support PETA at all and I realize that a lot of it is propaganda, but they’re real videos and real people harming real animals, and that bugs me. It may make me a bad person, but the abused animal videos bother me a whole lot more than the starving kids. How horrible is that? No, I don’t want kids to starve to death and I think it’s awful, but those videos/commercials don’t get to me like the animal ones do.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I remember a video I saw on Maury forever ago in which a male nanny was caught via hidden camera smothering a baby with a pillow in its crib. I clearly recall the babies legs kicking, but it was completely helpless. I’m not sure if he actually harmed the child, but I’ll never forget that video. Those little legs kicking desperately was heartbreaking.

I’ve seen A LOT of videos and images that people would describe as “disturbing,” but hardly any of it really affects me. I mean, I used to visit on a regular basis just to see what new gory stuff they’d put up. Last semester, I took a course called Analyzing Homicide and we had two guest speakers that showed really gory pictures of actual cases they’d investigated or bodies they’d examined. Rotting corpses, gunshot wounds, brains and guts splattered everywhere. Someone in my class had to get up and leave and a few others turned away whenever a new picture came up, and yet I was completely unfazed. I’m not sure what that says about me…

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This warning: children.

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I do not seek out disturbing images but have been assaulted by many unexpectedly.
Animal abuse is the worse, the way the army blow torched pigs and other, too horrible to discuss cruelties. I think people should avoid graphic images as much as possible. You do not need to see certain things that you can imagine and I do not like the shock and sensationalistic motives often behind this sort of thing.

I am well aware of the gazillion and one atrocities that occur in this realm, I do not not to see graphic images to be convinced.

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I saw a few minutes of “Fox and Friends” once.

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I would agree that the 9–11 newsfeeds on that day and the videos for ten days or so afterwards profoundly affected me. To the point that for almost two weeks, I was not able to function. I was glued to the TV constantly switching between networks and CNN, I didn’t get out of my pajamas, I couldn’t sleep, I refused to leave the house, I broke out in hives and had heart palpatations which caused me to finally seek medical attention. I simply could not understand how something like this could happen in America and I wondered if I was really still in America or if I had somehow been mysteriously transported to some third-world country. I still cannot watch anything to do with this horrendous event, but I did, last year while visiting NYC, visit the site and the church nearby that was the staging area for first responders following the attacks. It was very moving and I left in unrelenting tears at the eerie feeling of so many having perished right AT that very spot. All these years later, it is still nearly impossible to wrap my head around the thought that this could have happened.

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@VS I have had that exact thought, 100’s of times or more: “impossible to wrap my head around the thought that this could have happened.”

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There’s this video of a car accident in Africa and some father is holding his about 11 year old child in his arms and the sons skull is busted open to the point where there is brain guts everywhere and the face flaps around like a mask. Also shows a woman flat ironed buy a bulldozing truck in the same scene the dad screams and holds his son as if he might be revived at some point just a terrible terrible accident.

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@pleiades Good lord! Thanks for the blow-by-blow commentary – I will definitely not be watching this one.

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@Skaggfacemutt Please don’t my sister posted it on FaceBook when it came out and I thought, “oh no what’s going on here in Africa? Terror attack? Large hole in the ground?” And I clicked.

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Rodney King, 9/11 jumpers, video of Abu Ghraib, video of soldier in Afghanistan throwing a puppy off a cliff, piles of bodies in Hitler’s extermination camps, Hiroshima afteraffects.

Of course, Faces of Death were a big hit in my early 20’s.

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Hi, @ragingloli, holding my spot for me?
911 was jolting. I watched it as it unfolded on tv. They broke in to the morning news already reporting it, so at first I was confused. Then, I saw the second plane do that U turn and hit the other tower. I was stunned.
I think Katrina was even more disturbing though. So many people suffered, for day after day. There was a little boy who had to take care of all the kids in his family because they got airlifted without the adults, and then the adults were set down somewhere else. He tried to find a cop and let someone know they were on their own. Someone was pushing an old man in a shopping cart, looking for safe shelter. People walked around in shock, only to find that where they walked to was as flooded as where they walked from. People trapped on their roofs, people and animals floating around.

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I am exactly the same way. Any animal abuse gets to me more than anything else I have ever seen.

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I can’t rewatch the 9/11 footage. I won’t watch the 9/11 movie (bad taste at the least, can we agree?)

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@Seek_Kolinahr Do you think all films depicting real tragic events (movies about actual wars, the Holocaust, serial killers, natural disasters, etc.) are in bad taste or is that one special for some reason?

I haven’t seen it.

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It’s strange….the media coverage of 9/11 didn’t bother me. I think it just never seemed real. It still doesn’t. I am sure if I was a New Yorker it would hit me much much more. For example…I have lived in Chicagoland my entire life. If something similar were to happen to the Sears Tower, I would have a total meltdown.

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@livelaughlove21 It just seemed too soon, you know? Like, Oh, here’s a major disaster in our country – let’s make a movie to profit from it! Five years after it happened, there were two major Hollywood films made about it. Not documentaries, not crazy people conspiracy theories – entertainment.

Where’s Hurricane Katrina starring Keanu Reeves?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Meh, I don’t buy into that “too soon” stuff. Five years doesn’t seem all that soon to me. They weren’t making fun of it, so I don’t see how it was in bad taste.

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Well @ragingloli that placed a bit of twisted humor on 911!
@Seek_Kolinahr I tend to agree about the 911 footage.
@rojo I remember the footage of the Vietnam war I did a paper on the war in history class.

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Footage of slaves, NO ONE deserved that ever.

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First was Jones town, then the wacko thing, but then came along 911 and that took the cake.

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It’s a tie between the David Berg beheading and the eye ball razor cut scene in the un chien andalou movie

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Thr Olympic luger who died a couple of years ago. Also the puppy thrown off a cliff on YouTube.

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@Cruiser I agree that beheading was sick. Can’t think that you tube never removed it…

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