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[SFW] Do you believe there are human pheromones?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) January 10th, 2014

What makes you think there are, or are not any pheromones influencing human behavior. How do the smells of other people influence your reaction to them? Is your sense of smell sensitive enough that you notice subtle day-to-day changes in those who are close to you? If so, how does your response vary as their scent changes? When, and where on the body, do you prefer natural human scents and when do chemical factories provide a better smell? If your answer is NSFW, respond here.

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An interesting article. This one too. There must be something to it. I’ve notice that some men smell better than others. I’m not referring to their cologne, deodorant, or soap. Everyone seems to have a natural scent that is unique to them. So, why not?

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I’d be more surprised if there wasn’t such a thing as human pheromones. I’m also very interested in the concept of exopheromones, which seem very closely related to bioflora.

NPR did a story few weeks back suggesting the people who own outside dogs, or walk their dogs regularly (and allow them into the bush), these people are supposedly healthier because of the bioflora the dog brings inside the house.

Neat concepts.

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Yes, I believe there are human pheromones – it only makes sense. Probably another reason Americans (and humans in developed countries in general) are so paranoid of smelling ‘natural’.

I’d go so far as to venture the suspision that Bulgari has captured somewhat of the essence of human male pheromone in their cologne.

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@Bill1939 Me too.

@Juels Fascinating. I knew about the preference for men who smell like dad, but not the fact women can detect genetically good breeding stock by smell. It makes perfect sense that natural selection would select for that ability, though.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Extremely interesting links. Thanks. We may be fooling ourselves when we try to isolate ourselves completely from nature. It’s simply not natural to do so.

@ibstubro Cologne and perfume makers have been trying to crack the code for ages. It would be a surprise if none ever did.

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Hygiene may have all but obliterated the effects of human pheromones on sexual/social behavior.

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Yep. I know when I was first with my husband, I adored his own musky scent but growing up with 3 brothers, I couldn’t stand theirs. Other guys too. Certain male body odors put me off and some did not.
We each have a scent. My son could always tell what pillow I slept on and which pillow belonged to his dad.
My daughter as a baby, when asleep could tell the difference in who was holding her. When I held her. She slept like a lamb. If anyone else did, she started to fuss. I didn’t wear perfume when my kids were small and it didn’t matter if I changed my shampoo. Eyes closed, she could still tell when it was me.
I do think, some people are simply more sensitive to smells. Recently my husband purchased a tissue box with vicks rub in the tissue. It was across the room from where I sat. I kept smelling it and asked my husband if he had vicks rub on him. He said no. Then he pointed to the box across the room that was behind a flower vase. I picked it up and sure, enough it was from the box.
My mom is the same way.
So I do believe pheromones exist, only a persons sense of smell may play a part in their own reaction.

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One day before my father’s sixty-fifty birthday he suffered a major heart attack and was hospitalized for weeks in intensive care. Mother wore the shirt he was wearing until the crisis was over because it had his smell.

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