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Would you hire someone who lost their job at Walmart for helping someone?

Asked by snowberry (21420points) January 10th, 2014

Regarding this news article:

I sure would! I’d want employees who are honest and go out of their way to help others. Would my insurance company dock me for encouraging such behavior?

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It’s Bud Light. Imo it’s so petty to go on a foot chase with a thief let alone on a truck ride! That’s what the police are for.

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I don’t know. He didn’t show too many brains, all he needed to do was get the plate number and step back. And like^^, it was Bud Light. Hardly worth risking your hide.

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I think that’s taking it a little too far, and I think it shows poor judgement, so no, I wouldn’t hire that person. Law enforcement is always my first choice.

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Since you asked about hiring, you have to look at this in the eyes of an employer. In the eyes of the employer, you should never hire a person like this and fire him immediately as Walmart has done. The reasons are simple: legal liabilities (worker’s compensation, law-suits), and insurance (they won’t dock you, they will just charge you more).

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Whaaaaat? Was the beer really that important? I’ll be damned if I’m jumping into anyone’s truck just so Wal-Mart doesn’t lose a few dollars. That’s just reckless and, I’m not savvy on employment law, but it seems he may have put Wal-Mart into a little bit of trouble – which is why the firing may have taken place.

Would I hire this guy? I don’t know. It depends on the position, I guess. This wouldn’t make me more likely to hire him, that’s for sure.

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No thanks.

If the guy decided to be Superman when he’s on my time clock and breaks his back, I’m in for the workers’ comp lawsuit.

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He says he jumped into the truck to avoid being run over. So that makes him trying to be a hero?

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He just stood behind the vehicle as they collectively climbed into the car, turned it on, and began driving? He couldn’t have stepped sideways?

There’s a lot of stupid happening in this story.

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He didn’t show good judgment WRT his own personal safety, but his actions show that he was motivated, cared about the company, and took initiative. People who technically follow the rules while doing the bare minimum to keep their job are all over the place. People who really care are very rare in the workplace. You can train people to follow the rules, but you can’t train them to care. I’d hire him.

Then again, my personal philosophy doesn’t necessarily go with business success. If I owned a business it would be a small, quirky beer/ wine store where everyone knows your name. But they’d never call you that, because you’d have some silly nickname. The staff would technically be paid in money, but really be paid in beer. And we’d shut down during the month of january to go on wine buying trips in France. Yeah, this place would last like two seconds. But that Wal-Mart manager? Would fit right in.

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LOL @Haleth I like people who have a heart, a great work ethic, etc. It seems to me that no matter how “correct” Walmart might be in firing this guy, they lost out. Maybe they actually did him a favor, so he can find a job where he is appreciated.

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@snowberry Yeah, now he can potentially get another company sued over a few dollars.

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Fuck no. If I run something like a Walmart, I need professionals working for me. A professional here, as @Adirondackwannabe stated, would have taken the plate number, and reported the incident to superior store staff, or the police, or whichever of these steps he was able to take. In this situation, you report the stolen goods to the manager, and to the police, or if you didn’t report it to the police, it will be the manager’s job, or whatever other boss is there, to do so. The professional will describe the vehicle to the police, the people in it, what went down up, and the license plate, if he got it. Even security guards won’t do this type of stuff. You can intercept a thief in or out of the store, but jumping on the vehicle is crazy, and they don’t have that authority as a security guard. Security guards have actually very little power over civilians, let alone some guy pushing around carts or shelving goods.
I would not hire this guy, because I do not see this guy as someone brave or heroic. It was pretty foolish, actually, even if it was a matter of loyalty to his company. And if he WAS scared and didn’t know what he was doing, honesty is the best thing; just say you were freaking out. That might save your job.

This is not to say this guy has no qualities or is a dumbass; I would hire the fuck out of this guy to be a police officer or a SWAT guy. If he wanted it and was up for the training, this guy has potential for other types of jobs. (that is, assuming he did this for the company, and not because he was freaking out; people do FUCKED UP shit when freaked out, believe me, and also, I’d have to do a background screening to see if this guy isn’t just nuts and really does have potential, but this is topic derailing)

Sad but true maybe, but if I hire someone in a store, they need to be a sheep, understand the rules and follow them to the letter, unless their job asks otherwise, and Walmart sure doesn’t. Was kind of cool of this guy to do this, IF what is reported of his intent is true, but I mean I’m running a business here.

But this goes off the wire…would I hire a former thief as a security guard in my store for example? Fuck yeah I would, as they would be the most well placed to recognize the habits and behaviors of thieves, being that they were one themselves. That’s probably frowned on, but if it isn’t, I would, if I knew for sure they were truly reformed. But I wouldn’t hire some crazy ass cowboy dude trying to be a hero. Say if you work in a connivance store or something and some guy busts in there to rob the register, you obey his demands to the letter. Not just for professionalism, but for your own damn safety, tops. That guy also put other people in danger, since the thieves started throwing cans of beer out in traffic. Yet again, with the proper training, this guy could be an asset on some jobs, but not when I’m running a store.

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These guys caught a thief and were rewarded with acclaim for doing so.

Perhaps the deal is more about Walmart’s store policy than anything else.

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Heavy equipment burglary vs. petty beer theft. No comparison.

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I’m talking about employees tackling a thief. It has nothing to do with what they took.

If these guys had worked for Walmart, they’d have been fired. Pure and simple.

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