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Can you recommend a good, external laptop fan?

Asked by jordym84 (4742points) January 10th, 2014

When I turned on my laptop a little earlier today, it kindly informed me that my cooling fan has stopped working. The laptop itself is still in great condition as I’ve only had it for about two, going-on-three, years and I don’t use it heavily (only for web browsing, really). My roommate’s tech-savvy brother said it’d be more economical to replace the laptop than to have the fan fixed. Another friend then suggested an external fan.

Would that be a suitable long-term option? If so, can you recommend a good one? If not, what might be a better alternative, short of getting a new laptop?

Bonus: If I do decide to replace my laptop, what’s a good option that would fall within my $300—$400 budget?

Thank you! Looking forward to your answers. :)

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