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Using a shopvac to pickup dog poop?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) June 28th, 2008

Has anyone used a shopvac to pick up dog poop?

Are there any pros and cons? Are shopvacs easy to clean?

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I’d advise against it.

Once the dog poop is in the canister, it will just make the smell diffuse throughout your entire house. In order to make a vacuum it must suck the air out of the canister, and dog poop is in the canister. This leads to particles of smell shot throughout the air.

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hey, if it saves me a few minutes in the morning before i go to work, shopvac on bro.

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Mine does not have any removable container like a house vacuum does. I think most of them are like that. I would not want to then have to clean the shop vac, beacause it would smell like and be covered with sh*t.

Het a service or use recycled plastic bags.

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Depends on the model. Generally, dried-out, heavier stuff will just settle at the bottom of the reservoir and come out pretty easy.

Anything likely to leave skid marks though might hit against the filter (again, depends on model) and leave residue there.

In any case, I think you’re asking for trouble b/c your rig is likely to stink to high heaven. And if you’re dealing with moist items, well, the cleanup is likely to require extensive work.

And remember, the air that’s sucked into a wet-dry vac is pumped back out. So if your container is full of 3-day old shit, that’s exactly what the air coming out is gonna smell like.

Instead, why not just grab an old plastic grocery sack, use it as a glove, grab the morsel, reverse the bag, and tie it off?

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It’s probably just going to blow poop smelling air. I find that a pooper scooper is fast and easy to use.

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Heed everyone’s advice and avoid doing it. However, if do decide to go through with it, please capture the experience on video. You might get 15 mins of youtube fame out of it.

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No offense, zzztimbo, but I have been sitting here trying to think up a worse idea for picking up dog poop and I can’t do it. See comments by others.

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@wabarr, give yourself some more time.

Worse ways might be…

> pick it up with your toes
> keep it in your pocket
> ask little kid(s) to pick it up
> use a regular household vacuum cleaner

Set your imagination free.

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If you are going to have to clean the shop vac, you are still going to deal with the poop. So why don’t you just clean it up the old fashioned way and save yourself the extra work?

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Oh, and as an alternative to the shop vac, I nominate @jp. :-P

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rob, he’s gonna kick your butt when he sees this, ha ha!!

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Maybe try this before you vac.

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Aw man!! I never get to see the good stuff when I am at work!! Kevbo’s link is blocked here.

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Thats gross. No.

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Not vac. This. Free sample.

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totally works. Put a filter on and then it doesnt get all in the canister, or in the main filter. I use a cheap one designated for the poop! LAZY people are the most creative.

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