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What is a satisfying [read, not water substitute for diet soda pop?

Asked by ibstubro (18621points) January 11th, 2014

Recently I had the intestinal flu and drinking pop made me feel queasy, so I stopped drinking it. I’ve been without now (caffeinated and non) for about a week, no ill effects.

The problem is, in the interim, I’ve been drinking fruit juice, whole milk and soy milk. Healthy enough, but relatively expensive and loaded with calories. Yes, I’ve had plenty of plain tap water as well… my limit.

Any tips or suggestions for a satisfying substitute for pop? Something maybe slightly sweet-tasting, or with more ‘body’ than plain water?

I know it’s the New Year and there are others out there trying similar experiments. Can you help us out?

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I like unsweet or slightly sweet tea. Honestly though my fluid intake is like 80% water, 15% black coffee or tea and 5% beer. I don’t drink soda at all and have not in years. I think the sugar in some of the fruit juice is about as bad as soda. I don’t drink milk because it’s disgusting to me for some reason.

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I drink mostly hot tea, coffee, and sometimes Crystal Light lemonade. The peach lemonade is really yummy when I can find it.

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My fave is cranberry juice. You might get less bored with water if you do some fun things with it. Put food coloring in the water you fill your ice trays with. Then as it melts, it will change the color of your water. Mix just a bit of sweetener in your water, or do the same thing more expensive, and just buy some of those new water additives.
Ever had a purple cow?

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Please respond to the Other version until things are ironed out?


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Maybe you have two stomachs ! !

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Thanks for posting that @ibstubro —I was afraid I posted something related to this topic in some random thread. Glad to see it’s not the case.

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