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Can you help me remember the name of this 1990s CD Rom game?

Asked by Seek (34714points) January 11th, 2014

We played this game in my 7th grade Technology class, in 1996.

You were in a factory, putting together various machines and hoosits to make something simple happen – like get a ball in a net, or trap a mouse in a cage.

I distinctly remember the opening logo sequence including the Pixar lamps. I do not recall whether the name “Pixar” appeared, but there was definitely at least one of those white computer-animated desk lamps.

The title might have included the word “invention” or “innovation”.

Any ideas?

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Krusties Super Fun House? Mouse Trap?

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No, neither of those. It wasn’t like a regular video game. It was supposed to be educational. Teaching problem solving and cause-and-effect and use of simple and complex machines. But it was cute and cartooney. There might have been a sort of “mad engineer” character.

And now I’m probably overthinking it and ruining my own description.

Also, since I didn’t mention it before – it was PC, not Apple. At least, we ran it on PC.

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It appears I might have been mentally combining two games: Gizmos and Gadgets and The Incredible Machine (or one of the ones in that series). I have no idea where the Pixar lamp is coming from though. It’s such a strong memory…

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I found some Disney Pixar pc games on ebay. There are listings for Learning First Grade 1996, there were other items too, but that one comes the closest to what you describe. Pixar created the lamp before they merged with Disney, and I have seen it show up in a variety of places.
Sorry I couldn’t help any.

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