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What foods and drinks make you feel sick/nauseous or cause intestinal problems when you consume them?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) January 12th, 2014

Is it coffee that makes you sick in some way? What food or drink have you noticed makes you feel awful?

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Rioja wines.

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@johnpowell oh, simple, you just steer clear of them, or do you love them?

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Coffee. It makes me fart like crazy.
Or beet root juice. Makes my piss red.

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@ZEPHYRA :: My body freaks out less when I eat SPAM.

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A lot of garlic. It’s more an irritation and a general feeling of I wish I didn’t eat it.

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A multi-vitamin taken with water on an empty stomach will make me feel like vomiting in about 20–30 minutes. I no longer take them.

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Milk or cream. I am intolerant to dairy protein and drinking milk will give me stomach pains, nausea and diarrhoea.

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Too much meat.

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Orange Juice on an empty stomach and highly carbonated drinks.

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With apologies to any of my fellow jellies from India, some Indian food doesn’t play nicely with my tummy.

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I react to sulfites, and therefore can not have any wines, and many other beverages and dried fruits because sulfites are used for coloring and preserving. It is even in some skin lotions. The low-level of naturally occurring sulfites does not seem to irritate me as much.

Similarly, I react to Lavender, which is very popular as a skin care, fragrance, and food ingredient right now.

I am also sensitive to MSG. There is currently debate among some top chefs about it. I’ve had a racing heartbeat at various Chinese restaurants, so I suspected I was sensitive. We were in NYC at a popular restaurant recently, and halfway through the meal, my heart started racing. I tried to ignore it for several minutes as I felt fine otherwise, and just as I was about to say something to my fiancé, I remembered that the owner/chef was a big proponent of MSG. He actually produces his own through traditional methods, when I had read an interview with him, months before our visit to this eatery, I wondered if I might not react to the naturally derived as opposed to synthetically made commercial versions of MSG… apparently not.

My mother has celiac disease diagnosed by biopsy before there was a blood test. It is very often genetic, but thus far I have tested negative. We made our entire Thanksgiving gluten-free and low lactose (because she has also developed lactose intolerance, but took a pill before the meal), and I was just as gassy as ever after the meal, so it’s not gluten or lactose making me that way. Our only dairy was macaroni and cheese, which we made with corn pasta, sheep’s milk cheeses (which is supposedly tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people) and some mixed-milk cheese, and lactose-free skim milk.

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Onions in any amount and large amounts of garlic. Lately, even onion powder has caused this problem.

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Nothing specific; I am an equal opportunity eater.

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Too much of anything in one sitting. I think my digestion has slowed since I had my gallbladder removed. No more gluttony for Alyson.

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Too much red meat will make me nauseous. Also anything highly acidic (like marinara sauce) will give me heartburn.

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I can be pretty sure that the pepperoni on top of a pizza will have me farting all night.

Which is too bad, because I love pepperoni pizza.

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Oh yeah, and I used to be able to eat pepperoni pizza till it was coming out of my ears, but alas—or rather, purtroppo—those days are long gone.

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Raw cucumbers, pickles are no problem. Terrible cramps and mean TERRIBLE!

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Tomato peels tear me up.
I can’t think real hard about a dill pickle without getting heartburn.
I have less and less tolerance for deep fried foods.

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Pop Tarts, and expired avocadoes.

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LOL @ “Expired avocadoes”!

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@ibstubro I’m picturing a graveyard full of squishy greeness.

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Indian food is not fit for human consumption in my opinion. Nasty. That stuff tears up my stomach something awful.

Cow’s Milk makes me fart like there will be no tomorrow. It’s terrible.

Coffee and tea are terrible on an empty stomach . Actually on an empty stomach, it’s the tea that has literally made me throw up. I don’t know why.

Hot dogs give me heartburn.

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Foods with sodium nitrate (e.g. ham, bacon, hot dogs) make me dizzy. Foods with lactose give me stomach problems.

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Freshwater Green Lipped Muscles. I have a very severe reaction from both ends of my body that lasts several hours if I eat even one. Funny thing is that I have no reaction to any other shellfish or bivalves. I love raw oysters.
It’s such a specific and odd allergy that I torture tested myself twice more just to be sure after I came up with the theory. I’m 100% sure it’s only Green Lipped Muscles.

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Any tea or cola on an empty stomach will make me nauseous, also wine, beer will do the same thing. But liquors aren’t really foods or nourishing, they’re just poisons

A lot of Indian food makes me sick for some reason, although I like the taste of it, especially the rice dishes.

Cow’s milk makes me fart and stink, causes man boobs, premature adolescence, etc. Who in the world thought this was a health food? It’s a total scam

Wheat gives me yeast infections and I’m a guy, go figure. Yeast infections are not fun and can be very dangerous for guys

Too much red meat and coffee gives me gout

Spam and pattes make me upchuck…they’re so gross

Pigs feet – can’t do it .. Nasty, sickening

Steer balls -no can’t do it , gross. can’t get pass the mental block

Chitlins – no, absolutely no and no .. gross, probably the most disgusting food on the planet

Tripe – No, gross and disgusting

Liverworths cold cuts sandwich meat. This probably ranks number one as these most disgusting food out there. Chitlins is number 2, literally :)

I can only eat eggs hard boiled, because looking at all that yolk ooozing makes me vomit, and I have a mental block since basically what they are is chicken menstruations

Funny how we have the nerve to scoff at what they eat in other parts of the world when you take a look at some of the gross stuff we eat.

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Red kidney beans. yuck.

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I do not tolerate orange juice or grapefruit juice, both cause me to have heartburn.

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Foods with sodium nitrate make me dizzy. Foods with lactose give me stomach problems.

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Soda on an empty belly is not a good idea.

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B vitamins nauseate me If I take them on an empty stomach.

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