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Help how to deal with a racist aggressive neighbor?

Asked by LornaLove (9587points) January 12th, 2014

Today I had an unfortunate experience with a neighbor. My neighbors have been unfriendly ever since I moved in over 9 months ago. I found this odd as obviously I have never met them before. This week, I found a trash bucket thrown in my garden, it was rolling around making a noise on the stones outside my window. It was not my trash bucket.

I moved it to the general rubbish area only to find it hung on my front door by its handle a few days later?

Today I was playing music not too loud at around 4pm. The neighbor started ringing and banging on the door like a mad woman. When I answered she screamed at me asking ‘Could I play my music louder?’. I realized at that moment that perhaps the music was too loud as it could be vibrating against the wall. Sometimes vibrations with music can be worse than the actually loudness of the music. I apologized profusely and was going to say thank you for coming and telling me. I would hate to cause any neighbor distress with noise as I dislike it myself.

She did not accept the apology she said and was highly aggressive, stabbing her finger in my face and making racist comments. Like, ‘I don’t know where you are from but we do not accept this behavior here’.

She said I was a disgrace.

I asked a friend of mine to chat to her in a calm way to find out if it were the vibrations and what noises were annoying her.

The rest of the conversation was simply ridiculous. She said that ‘I partied all night long’, ‘Had party’s here often’, banged doors, banged windows and made a racket as early as 9am. (I’m never awake at 9am). These are all lies.

She said she was going to get me evicted since I was a tenant in this house and she owned her own home. She also told my friend that I was not from ‘here’ and that I was a disgrace.

I need some sound advice on how to deal with this woman as she is lying first of all. Although I do believe at times (within normal hours) my TV could bug her. There is no other music being played her. (I’m in the UK). I do have a strong accent which is not British and this is why she knows I am not from here.

Any advice?

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