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What is the difference between the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34719points) January 12th, 2014

I must live under a rock. They both seem the same to me: tuxedos on the men and golden globes prominently displayed on the women. Is there a difference between the shows?
Do you watch them?

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The are voted on by different parties, and the Globes are both TV and Film, while the Oscars are just film and Emmys are just TV. The spate of ‘awards’ ceremonies every years annoys me, as does the whole culture of celebrity.

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They’re both rich people giving each other awards.

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So Globes = Oscars + Emmys? Are the answers usually the same?

@Rarebear That is what it seems like to me but I’ll admit I am not very media savvy. They all seem alike. When there are so many shows and awards the distinction becomes worthless.

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The Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press and the Academy Awards are voted on by the Academy of Motion Picutes Arts and Sciences. The Emmys are voted on by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Basically though @Rarebear said it best, it is a bunch of rich entertainment industry insiders patting themselves on the back.

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They are merely different organizations/ committees that basically vote on the same things. That’s all.

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So are the results consistent like a track and field event, or is it more like figure skating where the costume counts and judges tend to favor participants from their own country?

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The Golden Globes are voted on by film critics.
The Academy Awards are voted on by the film actors union members.

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^ The expert has spoken. Thank you. :-)
I tried to watch GG but can’t do it. I find it painful.

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I like to look at the pretty dresses, but I can’t sit through the actual award ceremony.

I read the Grammy winners list online the following day. The categories I’m looking for don’t appear on the televised thing anyway.

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One means nothing, the other is meaningless. Not much of a difference really.

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Hmmm, better correct my previous post.

The Academy Awards are voted on by the film makers union. Not just actors, but directors, cameramen, makeup artists, etc.

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Quite a spectacle. I read somewhere 5500 people are on site for the event. I read somewhere else it can cost an “A – list” woman $78,000 to get GG ready. Shoes $1000 – $3000, make up $10,000, Hair, Gown…. The site expenses were astounding. 1000 bottles of $85 champagne. Ignoring the stars’ salaries my quick estimate is $20,000,000. Granted, some of this is paid as salaries to the worker bees who fawn over the stars. If you include the stars’ salaries some of whom command in the $10s of thousands per day, you can add another $50M to the price tag.
Imagine how much could be accomplished. Oh well.

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@LuckyGuy: There’s a NY Times link on FB with the red carpet clothes.

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@LuckyGuy Often, designers will allow actresses to wear their gowns for free, knowing the publicity will more than compensate them.

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Out of the three, I think the Globes seems to be more like a “family get together” for the participants, sort of like a convention of cooks and staffs in the restaurant business. I have a feeling that Tina Fey’s dress was a deliberate poke at the absurdity of it all.

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they both suck

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