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Who would be a fluther cheerleader?

Asked by Eggie (5867points) January 13th, 2014


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Some days I’d be happy to. :) Queen of the spirit club back in the day…lol

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I vote for @KNOWITALL cuz she’s prettyyyyy ^_^

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Yeah, but can she do the splits?

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That’s out little secret.

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I think Dr J has some pom poms lying around somewhere. I’m sure he’d love to join in.

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did you realize that in some fonts pom poms looks like porn porns.

Oh, wait, this is one of them.

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@thorninmud I could a few years ago, I’ll have to try later & get back to ya…lol

@Symbeline I’m feeling kinda ugly today, got this red thing by my nose, so thanks. ;)

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Pics or it didn’t happen.

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@thorninmud You just pulled a Bob.

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@Symbeline What’s that mean-a perv move? I don’t think anyone looks real good doing the splits, especially at 40 yrs old, so probably won’t happen…lol

I vote for Katniss, she’s got the extra energy.

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But please be aware that if I’m in the skirt I am going commando.

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Only because of my fog horn/swallowed a microphone voice. I think that would come in handy. I cannot do the splits or any of the other cute stuff! Am I in????

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I can do some cartwheels.

But I refuse to increase the frequency with which I employ the word “like”.

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Rah rah rah, fluther rocks, have a happy brownie, rah, rah, last one to the hot tub is a rotten invertibrate.

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@Coloma has my vote, but no “brownies” in the hot tub!

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I’ll just sit over here by the geeks.

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Naturally. But wear the cheerleader outfit, anyway. ;)

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@augustlan What book are you reading now?

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Yey. We got spirit. Woo hoo. I tried

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