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How much does the Apple Store pay?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) June 28th, 2008

The Apple store in Garden City (Roosevelt Field Mall). I was just wondering. How much is the minimum pay?

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(Taken from the Mac Rumors Forums)

“As a mac specialist (Sales guy) i was paid 9/hour in the arlington VA store.

Mac genius get paid between 15 and 24 an hour depending on the area and skill level.”

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Do you have to go to a big Apple Store and get trained to be a Mac Genius?

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No, I don’t think so, I applied recently to multiple positions and on the Genius position it seemed to be more mechanical than technological, even though I am sure that isn’t true it said that you don’t need to have experience with working with Macs so I would imagine that they would train you there.

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@dude, I agree with @Eambos’ quip.

In your profile, where you list “Everything Apple” as one of your fields of expertise, do you simply base that on your ability to ask questions via Fluther?

If that’s the only qualification, I’d like to hereby present my updated list of expertise.

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First of all you have to atleast 17 (though 18 is the preferred age). And yes you do have to know how to solve most mac issues. They will provide you with a manual that has all the troubleshooting techniques mentioned but you are expected to know most of it. As for training, you can opt to pay to go to Apple’s main campus in CA and get a certified Apple Genius license.

The pay varies depending on age and experience. At my peak, I earned about $ 18 an hour.

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I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again… “Shouldn’t we be asking you?”

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@swimmingdude: I dont want to be offensive or anything, but i have a pretty good feeling that you have been simply sucked into apple’s reality distortion field

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everytime i see a question that’s mac based i hope it’s asked by swimmerdude, i mean, you’d really have to know a lot of the tricks to even catch the eye of interest of a mac store, i mean, i’m sure you’re an eager learner, but don’t overdo it, when i started with the guitar i wanted to be able to play thunderstuck by AC/DC, it took me 3 weeks to know it, but a year to really play it…

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Please don’t even try to get a job in an Apple Store.

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“if the macbook comes with a power adaptor? let me check” walks to the back and fires up the fluther page

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do the apple store get paid every week or every two weeks?

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